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First couple of flights A+

Discussion in 'Pro/Adv Discussion' started by AIRNUTS, Nov 14, 2015.


    Oct 14, 2015
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    Today was my 4th flight so far so good, I did evrething that you people recomended, upgrade firmware, calibrate bird and camera as well as controlerr, I did a very precise compass calibration, practice home lock, point of interes and others on the sim, lots of practice on ATTI Just hovering and going from side to side, finally today I felt confident enough to take it out of sight for the first time, 300 looooong meters, lol I was so nervous and so exited at the same time, im still flying the batteries down to 50 to 60 % until I reach at least 10 charges, I was having some issues with lights going from 5 greens to 2 reds but seems to be because im flying on the edge of a no fly zone, but i havent notice any bad behavior from the ship ....is working perfect.....nothing bad to report
    Want to thank all of your answers to all my questions and thanks for all your suggestions, I have a feeling that im going to be logging many many hours of flight,,,,I LOVE IT !!!!!!
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