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Firmware upgrade on v1.1.1 Transmitter

Discussion in 'Firmware' started by Pilot_FML, Jan 12, 2014.

  1. Pilot_FML

    Sep 20, 2013
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    Mentor. Ohio, USA
    I recently received my Phantom v1.1.1 and Transmitter (Tx). The Tx accompanying the Phantom does NOT have the USB port that I understand is available on some v1.1.1 Tx's.

    An awful lot of posts I see, describe the problems users are having upgrading the firmware in both the quad and the transmitter.

    DJI has really let its customers down by not coming up with a "single" well written (clearly defined model specific) list of specific steps a user must follow to upgrade firmware. Colin's videos clearly glossed over steps or simply didn't even mention some steps that unless you carefully checked against the somewhat difficult to follow written procedures, you could easily miss and "screw-up ?? " a formerly good out of the box quad or transmitter. IMHO, not only are the firmware update files ambiguously named but when all models are just lumped together in one place on the DJI website, it makes it all to easy to mistakenly use an inappropriate file in the upgrade process. Enough said .... :). Are you listening DJI?

    Need some opinions...
    1. Can improperly upgraded firmware be reverted to a former properly working version?
    2. Does beginning the upgrade process commit you to completing the process or can you abort the upgrade without making changes?
    3. Am I correct in assuming that I need to open up my Tx and connect to an internal USB port to determine whether or not my Tx requires a firmware upgrade? I see that this is necessary on the P2 and P2V but I'm not clear on whether its needed on the v1.1.1 Tx.

    Lastly, please forgive me for asking questions that may already be answered elsewhere in forum. I have repeatedly tried searching for answers to my questions but search capabilities on this forum IMHO are very user UNFRIENDLY. Everything I've tried (syntax, qualifiers, etc.) haven't helped improve my search results.
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