Faulty battery after 26 discharges, any chance to have it replaced after 3 months?

Oct 4, 2013
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What is your experience with faulty battery and their replacement by DJI? Is it possible to have it replaced after 3 months warranty, as it was purchased back in July, 2014?

I was lucky to realize it when it was close to me, I don't think I could manage to return phantom back if it happened 300 meters away. I realized, that you can still hold the altitude while pushing the left stick, but it wont' last long and percentage drops quite fast...

It was strange to see the error message "Transmitter Calibration Required" after I fully discharged and charged the faulty battery. There were no issues with other battery and it didn't pop up once I inserted the faulty battery for the 2nd time. Did it happen to anybody else?

Do you have any hints what might happen and how to avoid it?

Thanks for your ideas.

What Screen Recorder Are You Using. Looking At It I Would Say A Bad Cell, If You Can Provide Evidence Of Charges Etc & That Its The Battery Which I Think Your Video Shows You Should Be Ok, Just Be A Bit Push When They First Reject It. Was It Though A Dealer Or Direct?
I'm using SCR 5+ Pro and phone has to be rooted. I saw others are using mobizen with no root. I purchased the equipment via dealer in Spain and I got already response to fill in the information to get RMA number. I see a possible conflict here, as DJI provides warranty only for 3 months for battery (which means they can simply reject to replace it), however according to the EU regulations the seller has to replace faulty items under 2 years warranty, independently what is claimed by manufacturer. Will keep you updated....

Meanwhile don't forget to install and use Screen Recorder during your flights - I'm saying this in all of my posts as it's #1 in my pre-flight checklist and it already helped few people while negotiating with vendor.

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