Fat Shark and Phantom 2 making it work together

Mar 19, 2015
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Lake Ouachita, AR
I have the Phantom 2 HD-3D, FPV. Which means I have the DataLink and iPad, iOSD mini. I then bought a cable from First Person View UK, that is for hooking up the Fat Shark Transmitter to the Phantom. Has anyone already done this and did it work. I have the FatShark V2 set up. I was hoping to get some advice on what to do and not to do when installing the cable. I watched one video where they moved the DataLink inside the Phantom but the problem with mine is that I have the power board installed which in turn connects to the outside power distribution board. The inside power board makes it virturally impossible to mount the Datalink inside the cover.

Next, the plastic cover that goes over the FatShark Transmitter had come off when I put double stick tape on the plastic wrap, so when I mounted the transmitter behind the Gimbal, I had to mount the new tape onto the transmitter itself without the original clear plastic cover. I mounted the 3M double stick tape to the side of the transmitter with all the welds and integrated part of the board. The minute I powered up, the FatShark transmitter shorted out by the marking on the board labeled L1. I found that out after I have removed the double stick tape. I really thought that the double stick tape would not short anything out, but I just want to check to make sure that it was the tape that shorted out the transmitter and not the way I had mounted everything else with the new wiring harness.

I did follow a video on YouTube for mounting the FatShark on a Phantom 2 with iOSD mini.

My next question is why won't the FPV system that works with the Phantom 2 and Black Pearl Monitor, work with the FatShark Goggles? I have to improved cirular polorized antenna's specifically for the FatShark goggles and transmitter. Why can't the original transmitter used on the Phantom and Monitor work?

This "Old Man" would really appreciate someone smarter than myself, helping me with this.

K.M.Harp, Vietnam 71-72
1st Cav Div, 2/32nd F.A., 23rd Group.


Mar 3, 2015
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First off, thank you for your service. Secondly, the Black Pearl has HDMI out, so it might work, but I havent tried it.

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