Do you see P3's or Others flying?

Do you see others flying P3's or Others in your area? Not Clubs

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Apr 13, 2015
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Tim in San Diego
I have seen one guy in my large area of travel, he had a nice looking one in a small park other than that never?
So with the thousands out flying were the heck are they?
Just a curiosity on my part maybe yours?
Took my V+ up from a park down the street when I first got it, and 3 mins into the flight another V+ came zooming over the rooftops and hovered there watching me. The other day at a park a few miles away I saw a guy packing up a V+, and while I was flying had a guy park right next to me and unload his V+ and start flying (said he saw me flying the previous weekend while he was picking up his son from soccer practice). No P3's yet.
If he has a P3 - recharging battery.
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I've had my P2V for a year and a half. I've only seen one other and it's my neighbor who bought one after seeing mine. I'm always looking for them, even when I drive. In fact, I find myself looking up all the time. Tall buildings, antennas, towers, anything that might look good filmed from above! :)

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Never have seen another Phantom. Flying for 2 years around Chicago now.
Never have seen another Phantom. Flying for 2 years around Chicago now.

I saw a phantom twice, once in downers grove - looked like they just got it and were hovering ~9ft off the ground in a park. Other time was in naperville, I think? Someone was flying it in their driveway - same style, ~9ft off the ground. Looked like maiden flights to me :)

Never saw another anywhere I fly around chicago.
I used to think I was the only person in my town that had a drone until a week ago. Didn't see another one in the sky all last year. I read DJI has sole 400,000 Phantoms so they have to be out there somewhere.
Never seen one in the air. But as time goes on, this should change. I'll enjoy mine as long as I can before rules where made to take away my freedoms by the liberals. As far as I know, mine is the first in my area. neighbors were thrilled to come out and see the flying and display

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