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Nov 30, 2014
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Lisle, IL
Just got my non-vision p2 v2.0 back from DJI today. Before flying this one, I sent it in to DJI to check ESC. They confirmed it was the wrong version. The blue mark has been erased and replaced by yellow after they updated firmware to 4.06.

As someone else posted, check out the "factory" solution for vibration: hot glued the wires like many of you have already done.

Though most of you probably did a better job.

If I didn't just have so much invested in accessories and FPV I'd try to sell and upgrade. As it is, I'll ride this bad boy out with my GoPro and black pearl.


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Mine had heat shrink. Makes me wonder how the P3's are built.
So I received my drone back on the 8th, having never been flown, and immediately installed everything and flew it. Flies fine despite some major jello I'll have to fix.

At the same time, I emailed Dji support to inquire about the quality of the "fix" with the wires at the ESC and the shoddy line of silicone.

The reply was the standard "the issues you're describing require you to send your item in for repair".

I nearly lost it and had to take a few deep breaths. So they want me to send the unit back, which has been there since 2/24, for something that should have been done right before returning it to me.

Same ole' DJI

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