DJI Phantom 2 V2 with GoPro Zenmuse and Goggles

Jan 5, 2015
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Well the time has come to part ways with my DJI Phantom 2 V2. Here are the specifics on it. There is alot.

DJI Phantom 2 Version 2
Updated 4mm GPS antenna.
Updated Version 3 Anti-Static Compass
Added side battery trays. Used to put flashlights on.
Internal 2.4 Ghz Antennas moved to the outside. You can use any type you want now with the SMA connector.
Zenmuse H3-2D Gimbal.
GoPro Hero 3+ Wifi edition w/extra battery and charger.
Mini IOSD installed internally.
400 mw Boscam TX w/Clover and Di-Pole antenna’s included.
4.3 inch separate monitor.
DJI standard controller with 7th channel and updated Antenna to accept any SMA antenna.
Boscam RC305 8 Ch RX Receiver. 200mw with batteries and 12v auto power supply
FatShark V3 Teleporter Goggles, battery and Charger. w/extra 250 mw Fatshark RX.
2 original DJI smart batteries.
1 DJI smart charger.
Extra SMA antenna’s (2.5 and 5.8) I will include all sizes. Some small-some large.

This has been my go-to machine. I got bit by the mod bug and made sure it was to my liking. This is no toy, as we all know. This machine has also been used for a Search and Rescue Mission. It has and will perform flawlessly. On the lighter side I have hooked up the Boscam RX to my 55 inch LED and played war with the neighbor kids from my living room. Its something to see a FPV on a 55 inch LED! It is in the Naza-M Mode and does not skip a beat on coming home when prompted. I have the UAV set to 400 AGL and 3000 feet out. It will go to that with out a problem. I have also kept a FPV in that Range as well. I have not taken it further, nor needed to. I hate to see it go, but with my current needs it makes sense to have some else enjoy it.

800.00 OBO Paypal and FREE shipping inside the 48. Yes the GoPro comes with it. This will be a complete package. When it would arrive charge the batteries and your off and flying. Only thing not included is the GPS tracker attached to the left landing gear.

PM me for any questions.



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Jan 5, 2015
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Anyone?...Anyone?....Bueller?...Come on people the ad does say OBO..Don't hurt to try. I am somewhat motivated to move it...

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