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Jun 4, 2017
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I have a question about the DJI Mavic 3E camera system. My father wanted me to research the Mavic 3E as a possible replacement for my DJI Phantom 4 Pro. He wanted me to potentially pilot the Mavic 3E as a contractor for the business he works with. I did my research and compared the Mavic 3E with DJI's Mavic 3 Pro and Classic and Air 3. Since my father would be paying for the replacement drone, I have my concerns about the Mavic 3E not just with its higher price tag, possible requirements for additional expensive equipment, and my lack of knowledge and experience with surveying and 3D mapping, but also the camera. From my research, the Mavic 3E appears to use a different camera system designed for surveying and mapping when compared to the cameras found on the Mavic 3 Pro and Classic. Please note that I am not a camera expert. Right now, I would feel more comfortable getting a Mavic 3 Pro or Classic or Air 3, not only because of their cheaper prices, but also because I feel I would find more usefulness with their cameras taking aerial photos and video, be it for family events or structural inspections, if either the contract did not happen or I decided not to continue working for my father's company. I am open to the possibility of doing contract work with with my father's company. However, unless my father's company is paying for the replacement drone and I get the proper training for mapping, surveying, and other missions that may be required from either the company or appropriate service, I feel more comfortable with getting the Mavic 3 Pro or Classic or Air 3 instead of the Mavic 3E. It will be my father's call in the drone selection process.

My question is would the camera on the Mavic 3E be capable of taking professional looking aerial video and photo shoots for clients if the contract with my father's business does not work or would I be better off with the cameras on the Mavic 3 Pro or Classic or Air 3?

Back in the Phantom 4 pro days, you could get a good drone from DJI and use it for recreational flying or commercial work.
But DJI decided they could charge much more for drones for commercial work and started producing their Enterprise line seperatley from the recreational drones.

Although the (consumer) Mavic 3 series would make an excellent mapping drone, DJI won't release an SDK that would allow 3rd party software developers modify their programs to work with the Mavic 3.
As a result you need to pay much more for their enterprise drones to do mapping.

The other side of the coin is that the enterprise models have less camera control options than the consumer models.

In short, if you want to use a drone for video and/or stills, the Mavic 3 pro is the best (and cheapest) option.
If you want a drone for mapping,DJI have forced you to go with the Mavic 3E.
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My understanding is that for mapping you really need a mechanical (not a rolling) shutter which is what the Phantom4 Pro has and as I understand it the Mavic 3E. That said I don't know what app you can run on the M3E since it has a dedicated remote controller. The Mavic 3 Pro appears to be a great all-around drone with 3 separate camera focal lengths. Since you already have the P4P you could always use it for mapping. I also have the Air 3 which is awesome with two cameras and is more affordable than the M3Pro. I also have a Mini4 Pro which is nice when you want or need to be more discreet as it is much quieter. Good Luck!

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