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  1. MGS9500

    Dec 27, 2016
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    A question that may be somewhat contrary to some of the topics, but as I pursue updates and changes, and read about certain DJI issues, I have looked at other manufacturers.

    My findings are that DJI, despite all the issues, seems to have the "most bang for the buck" drones.

    Nothing either is as technologically refined or has the options that DJI offers.

    Am I correct? Are there any other drone makers that have products that are as good as or better for the same money? There are a lot of drones, but the reviews and the technology always appear to be more limited.

    I would appreciate any options if they might exist.
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  2. Meta4

    Meta4 Moderator
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    Jan 8, 2014
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    There's a reason that DJI has a better than 70% market share and all the other makers share what's left.
    Since DJI brought out Lightbridge with the P3 Adv and Pro, everything else has been left behind.
    DJI moved even further ahead of the others with the camera of the P4 pro.
    They also lead in smaller and larger ready-to-fly drones.
  3. macoman

    Dec 30, 2016
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    You forgot the mavic pro's ocusync technology. Ahead of lighbridge.
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  4. Calsun

    Jul 10, 2017
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    Even DJI is a tiny company in the tech world and its competitors are even tinier so R&D funds and personnel are limited and these are very sophisticated consumer aircraft considering the integration of flight AI, remote control, obstacle avoidance, and video cameras with remote control. This is some very serious integration on the part of DJI and it would take a large and tech savvy company to provide real competition.

    As with Microsoft and its lack of competitors thanks to the monopoly gifted to Mary Gates son by her friend, the then head of IBM, John Akers, this often leads to mediocre products. With DJI we have a company that truly innovates to increase both the gap between it and competitors (as it takes very little capital to start a drone company) and to expand its market to individuals who want the best possible video with the least risk of crashing their expensive drone.

    One advantage of having the DJI drones is the availability of third party services and products. Go Pro has the same with their cameras but are still playing catch up with DJI in terms of the airframe and remote control aspects. In this case DJI is the "Apple" of the drone world with a all in one self contained product. An Apple is not a bad company to emulate from a pure profit point of view. Apple has about 80% of the computer market which includes personal computers, tablets, and smartphones against about 10% for Microsoft.
  5. anotherlab

    Jan 1, 2017
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    Albany, NY
    Apple has 80% of which computer market? Apple has about 18% of the world smart phone market and less than 8% of the desktop and laptop markets. It's very profitable for Apple, but no where near the 80% number that you wrote. What was the source for that figure? Microsoft has a small percentage of PC sales (and zilch for phone), but they are primarily a software company. The comparison isn't really valid.

    The comment about Mary Gates was interesting, but I couldn't find anything to document it. Mary Gates was on the National Board of the United Way and served with John Opel, the then chairman of IBM. While they discussed Microsoft, IBM had already been working with Microsoft to come up with what would be called PC-DOS. When IBM couldn't come to an agreement with Digital Research's Gary Kildall over porting CPM to x86, that enabled Microsoft to close the deal for PC-DOS. John Akers did not become president of IBM until 1982 (CEO in '85). That is after the IBM PC was released. You can find this information from multiple sources, what is the source for the Mary Gates/John Akers story?
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