Disappointed in DJI after Phantom spirals out if control.

Dec 11, 2018
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Philadelphia, PA, USA
In CCP CHINA! there is no such thing as a private ownership, it may look like it but the CCP COMMIES require any company like that they agree if the CCP COMMIES want that business they take it! On top of everything US Congresspeople want DJI drones banned in some sort of fashion. CCP COMMIE REGULATIONS REQUIRE EVERY COMAPNY ;LIKE DJI, HUAWEI OR SIMILAR COMPANIES TO HAVE THEIR SOFTWARE AND HARDWARE CAPABLE OF GATHERING AND TRANSMITITNG INFO BACK TO CHINA
I have no fondness for Communism or for the Chinese regime. Oppressing people, stealing IP, and forcing companies into giving up their rights in order to sell products in China are all terrible practices.

However without proof that DJI (or any other vendor) is sending all of your data back to the CPC, there is no validity to your claim. If you feel that way then the solution is simple. Don't buy any Chinese products including DJI drones. Don't buy any cell phones or computer equipment that uses any Huawei components. That is certainly your choice and right as a consumer.

As to congress or other organizations banning products from DJI, Huawei, China as a whole, aluminum from Mexico, lumber from Canada, etc... remember that those decisions are almost completely political as opposed to technical. Did importing steel and aluminum really endanger our national security? No, it was strictly a political decision to appease lobbyists and constituents in the states that produce those goods. So I put ZERO valifity on what congress decides to ban.
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Apr 16, 2020
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Your view of the data is obviously skewed. You are on a forum where people post problems, issues, and questions. Of course someone will post that their drone "dropped out of the sky" or "flew away". The fact is that the vast majority are pilot error. The other true hardware malfunctions are a miniscule percentage of the total drones out there. If we had a post here every time someone had a successful flight without incident, you would get tired very quickly of scrolling through hundred of thousands of successful flights before coming a cross a failed flight.

Personally I think a year of warranty covering manufacturer defects is fair. You also have the option to purchase Care Refresh and Care Refresh + which would leave you covered for a full 2 years EVEN IF you crash the drone with 100% pilot error.

Nothing of course is impossible but I find it unfathomable to think that DJI or any manufacturer would have programmed code to cause a failure after the warranty expires. How would you see all of the existing drones which are way older than one year? I have several myself that are many years old and never had an issue. Furthermore, there are ways to read firmware and I am sure someone would have found that code buried deep inside the firmware at some point. It would come out and would destroy the company. VW never though anyone would discover the programming to purposely mislead diesel emissions readings but it was found out and VW took a huge hit!

I agree that paying a few grand for one year of usage is ludicrous, but I don't see that being the case. My fleet is all older than one year. I've never had a crash or fly-away and my oldest craft is a P3P with many years of usage on it. If one did occur at some point, I deifinitely would not be happy about it but I would have to pick up the pieces and move on.
I was actually talking about the P4's the older ones seem much more reliable, I do think the warranty should be more than the year, ok if you crash it then not covered. I am peeved that lots of electrical goods have the one year warranty, and lots fail just when the year is up, my case I bought a very good smart TV and after a year and nearly a month old it went wrong and was not covered, yes you can take out extra cover, but why should you with items lasting just a year says a lot about workmanship does it not?? There should be a 2 year warranty on all goods. I think some white goods are now covered for 2 years in the EU.

Stay safe - Len
Sep 2, 2016
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I guess the thing that would be most upsetting / confusing for me is why the $65 cost to have the data examined. Why can't they allow someone to upload the data to their website and have some interpretation automatically done??? Come on, DJI. Get someone's teenage kid to code it on your site. Couldn't really be that hard, can it??? I mean, the kind-hearted members on this forum seem to be willing and able to do a lot of diagnostics for free.
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