Nov 22, 2016
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Chesapeake, VA
DART - Drone Assisted Response Team is now accepting early sign-ups ahead of our 2017 launch. We are also looking for beta testers and community managers.

Sign up at

DART's principal mission is simple. We collect, analyze and disseminate thousands of local, state and national alerts to the drone community. With our advanced platform, drone owners are notified immediately when an opportunity arises near them to provide aerial support. DART will support Law Enforcement, Local Emergency Response teams, and other community services to provide aerial coverage otherwise inaccessible due to lack of equipment or resources.

We are excited to join the community and look forward to actively working with our pilots, testers, and others to make a positive impact.

Please join our remarkable team.

We are currently crowdfunding on Indiegogo at

Please help us by promoting or donating.

Thank you!
S.A.R. requires proper license, No?

Do you need/supply proper waivers and authorizations?
What are the liabilities to the pilots?
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Good question. To fly a drone as an amateur, the only requirement is proper registration with the FAA and compliance with federal, state and local regulations. The question most hotly discussed right now is whether law enforcement can, or should, actively engage drone pilots to support community incidents.

As we've seen is the examples of drone pilots performing heroic efforts, they weren't engaged by LE. Rather, they were aware of the incidents and voluntarily launched their aircraft as concerned citizens wanting to help. No license is required for that.

Here is an example from last week but we have dozens more. Drone Helps Chase Down Suspects In Tulsa Robbery -

DART merely provides a mobile platform to ensure those same concerned citizens are aware of events around them that might benefit from their support. No special license or permits required.

We are working closely with the FAA and law enforcement groups all over the country to ensure we develop the program in a manner that doesn't impact their ability to do their job nor puts our pilots in a position of liability. We will continue to update the community as those efforts continue.
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I like this :) it'll not only help the community which is the main thing , but will help start to give quad flying some positive feedback to counter all the biased BS the media puts out pertaining to drones.
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Definitely a good idea but pilots need to remain vigilant of applicable regulations.
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Hello all. I am the community manager for DART. I wanted to make myself available to all members of the community as well in case anyone has any questions or would like to know more about DART's mission. I also encourage anyone who may be interested to check out our social media pages. Feel free to ask questions and become a part of our initiative. We would love to get feedback and opinions from pilots and enthusiasts alike!
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Cool Name! Hope HSUS does not stop you from using DART! We have been DART and NDART volunteers for years... Sent all over the US and Canada on animal rescue missions. DART was coined back maybe 1990. Disaster Animal Relief Team. then added National some. Wife and I spent 3 weeks after Katrina busting into houses saving all those animals left behind for months...

I like your idea. It goes beyond helping as volunteers too! There are some police departments who would (already have) misused drones in spying on their locals. So I fight against these police departments getting drones! Having US be the drone operators makes a LOT of sense in this regard!

I for one will sign up and see where the ride takes me!
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Indiegogo Campaign Update!

Thank you to everyone who jumped in early to support our crowdfunding campaign. We are humbled and thankful for your belief in us and our mission. The principal goal of this campaign was to allow you, our friends and colleagues, the opportunity to be part of a movement. We still feel that way today.

Early success is exciting but brings challenges. Our volunteer pilot community is exploding. Requests for community and agency agreements have already exceeded our 2017 projections. Furthermore, we are forging new partnerships within the drone industry daily, something we simply had not foreseen occurring until next year.

Several investors have realized the value of our mission. The number of qualified offers is both humbling and bittersweet. For me, it created an ethical quandary. After a weekend of careful consideration, I have concluded that it would be inappropriate to accept equity investors while simultaneously calling for contributions from crowd funders.

Volunteer Pilots and Beta Testers are Needed! Sign-Up Here.

Hence, we are suspending our Indiegogo campaign effective today. Our team is unanimously in agreement that this most appropriate route to ensure the long-term success and viability of DART. While this decision is difficult, we can only be encouraged and energized by the response of both the drone and investor communities.

Refunds of donations made to our campaign are in progress. Even so, we will continue to honor all purchased perks despite the refunds. Everyone who participated in the campaign is now part of the DART family.

Volunteer Pilots and Beta Testers are Needed! Sign-Up Here.

The current investment round closes December 31st, and we have held a portion of the equity round open for Friends of DART. Anyone interested in potentially participating in this round should reach out to me directly.

Tom Walker
Founder, DART

"It's not hard to make decisions when you know what your values are." - Roy E. Disney

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