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Oct 23, 2015
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Sacramento, Calif
I will be the first one to admit DJI has good products on the market. I will also admit they have no Customer Service.

Both my P3A and my P3P are in the repair shop at DJI in LA. The P3A, purchased on 11/08/15 crashed in 09/16. It happened because of the RTH and jumped in to a tree and crashed on the street. Damage the I viewed was to the main board and the body. After over a month they finally worked on it. They replaced the main board, body and 2 motors telling me it was out of warranty at a cost of $330

The P3P purchased 09/04/16 was a problem out of the box. It went in for repair bout 09/20/16. A week later it returned not fixed. I called support. They wanted it sent back. I told them I wanted a new one sent to me. They refused. I sent it back to them on 10/25/16. They told me the bill would be $695. I was outraged. How could a new unit that did not crash cost me any money at all. The had replaced the main board, the video transmitter, the gimbal and a few other parts. After yelling a screaming I got another email saying it was covered under warranty. I told them to keep it. I would not accept it coming back to me and I want a full refund. They have sent me forms to fill out. I told them I ill not fill out anymore of their forms and demand a full refund. I now wait until Monday for the war to continue.

Apr 26, 2016
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Swarthmore, Pennsylvania, United States
If you had let them send you the bird back, working or not, you would have been in a better position to negotiate. If their refund procedures include you filling our their request forms, refusing does not help your position. If you do everything they ask they have nothing to base a refusal on. I know it is upsetting but it is part of the low-margin business we are dealing with. One repair order probably wipes out their profit from the sale. Customer service is most likely DJI's biggest expense and they are trying to manage it best they can, much to our dismay and discomfort.

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