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Jun 27, 2016
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Have been searching everywhere trying to find a programme that is able to read the type of Raw file extension produced by the Phantom that isn't going to cost me the earth. What I settled for was a Cortenta Converter costing only about $49 Aust. Very easy to use and converts to the ordinary Raw format, Jpeg or Tiff with a whole heap of options and adjustments. You can download it on a free one month trial before deciding to buy. What can you loose. It only took me about 15 minutes before deciding to buy. Check it out.
Jan 12, 2016
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Milwaukee, WI, Ft Walton Beach, FL
May I suggest either Adobe Lightroom CC ($10/mo) or buy the non-CC Lightroom here:
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$149 done.

And its WAAAAAAAY more than a converter. Yes, its 3X the price of what you got, but its 10x more application. It will handle, process, organize and export virtually any image format including RAW.

If you are unsure what Lightroom is, see this:

I have been using Lightroom for years (since version 2) to manage my photo archive. While it can't edit video, it can archive, organize and find videos for you to send to a video editing application. My photo archive is probably over 150,000 images and is >1tb spread across multiple sources (NAS and offline drives). I can locate one or many with only a few mouse clicks and I don't even need to have the offline drive connected to search, locate and preview images on it!. Lightroom is not just a photo editor, its a database, its a converter, etc. It comes with the full capability of Adobe Camera RAW (ACR for short) which is the RAW importer module of Photoshop.

I am not sure what you expect your workflow to be with RAW images. But if you are simply taking RAW images and baking them to jpegs, um, whats the point in shooting raw? You are loosing sight of why you shoot RAW in the first place. Lightroom will allow you to natively work with the RAW images from the phantom completely non-destructively and totally without data loss that would occur if you converted RAW to jpeg to edit.

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