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Cheap FPV !

Discussion in 'Zenmuse H3-2D GoPro Gimbal' started by Rob98723, Jan 31, 2014.

  1. Rob98723

    Jan 31, 2014
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    Ok, I've gone fully over excited and phantom 2 with h3-2d gimbal, but sadly due to rubbish uk weather can't fly it (wind and rain for days on end). So I've got further carried away and tried to "bolt" together a cheap fpv.

    Ive gone for the low cost tx/rx system

    http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/200mW-5-8G-FP ... 4d15fdd3ee

    And then get a 12v battery to run it. Then got easycap USB to take the component into a laptop (did I mention cheap)
    And then bust any budget by getting the IOSD Mini.

    I reckon I've get in cheap set up (not buying a dedicated monitor and cheap rx/tx)

    Any thoughts, ideas, previous experiences about this type of set up are very welcome (is this a big mistake)
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