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Professional Cannot record videos & asks for battery firmware update -> yellow blinking

Discussion in 'Phantom 3 Help' started by melda, Feb 21, 2016.

  1. melda

    Feb 21, 2016
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    Hi folks,

    I only used my Phantom 3 Pro once and crash it :D, yeah I know... :D It then started working weird, so I sent it for repair, paid a lot of money for all kinds of things that needed replacing, but sadly it doesn't work well, if at all.

    App 2.6.0 (android)
    Remove 1.5.70
    Aircraft 1.5.30+

    It says I need to upgrade battery firmware, so I downloaded 1.6.0 from here:

    Phantom 3 Professional - Specs, FAQ, Tutorials, Downloads and DJI GO | DJI

    Put the bin to the root of the formated card (I did that before the crash, so I remember the procedure) and it just starts blinking a few times, and then just yellow blinking, that's all. I tried 1.5, same thing. I thought it could be that the aircraft is updated, but battery isn't... But I only want to update, because it says I should.

    THE MAIN PROBLEM IS: I can fly the thing, shoot photos, it can go home... It is often a pain in the *** to connect them, the aircraft can communicate with the controller well, but the app says it is disconnected... But I usually get it started eventually. But when I switch to video mode and start videos, the camera freezes. I don't really know if it is actually recording something, but from that moment the camera is just dead and I have no idea where I'm flying. Probably until the restart...

    Any ideas?
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