Camera not centered and horizontal drift

Jun 5, 2017
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Hey all,

So Im incredibly frustrated. I have owned a Phantom 4 for a little over a year now, and for most of that time, it has been an insanely awesome product. Unfortunately I ran into an issue back in December. I took the drone down to the virgin islands and was able to capture some incredible footage. That was cut short when I ran the Phantom into a palm tree. It hit the ground hard enough to damage the gimbal.

When I returned home, I took the drone to a repair center (Expert drones in Alexandria). They fixed it up well and I flew it a few times before putting it away for the winter. I did notice the angle of the camera was SLIGHTLY skewed to the left, but it didn't cause an issue during flight or on film.

I took the drone out and updated firmware a month or so ago and flew it for a few short flights. Other than the god awful app on android, everything was running smoothly. I decided to take the drone out again today to get some more practice and maybe grab a few images. Things went smoothly at first but once up in the air, the gimbal started to dance horizontally. I put the drone down and restarted it. The camera starts to drift to the left very slowly until it hits the left side of its limitations. I calibrated the IMU compass and gimbal which didnt seem to help, especially after several restarts. The gimbal/camera also heated up to a temperature that I am not comfortable with. I have continued to mess with it, and it seems to cause these problems 75% of the time.

This comes at a tough time, I recently passed my Part 107 and sold my first set of footage EVER. It has been an awesome experience that I hope to pursue further. With the money I am going to receive, I plan on buying an Ipad to use with the drone. I would like to avoid having to drop all that money, and a little more on a new phantom.

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