Camera issues

Sep 9, 2017
I have a Phantom 3 standard and the video has gone hay wire. When i put it on my PC the video is all pixels choppy and slow. Now on my iphone se the videos play fine.? if i convert them they will play but the speed is to slow and doesnt really play right but theres no pixels clean video?. i even downloaded directly from the phantom and still pixels and lines. photos are fine. i just do not get why they play on my iphone but do not on the [PC Looks like someone is shortening out wire if you get what im saying.. SD card, PC camera/ i am lost it was working fine sat during winter took it out and the video is so bad. but why does it play on my phone fine with nothing in the video but on pc looks terrible cant even see it really . when im flying the camera shows everything just fine no problems there just once i hit record it does this. i am lost. it seems to be recording fine when looking at phone the image is there, and no problems seeing it on my phone when flying.No glitches or problems on the phone at all! could the card have went bad Maybe the USB adapter i have been using went bad its a mirco usb adapter for my phantom card. or is there some settings in the app that i can look at play with. just updated GO today. Any ideas. I am feeling like a kid whos toys got broken on christmas

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