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Byebye Thread... Sold P3A </3

Discussion in 'Pro/Adv Discussion' started by yobdab, Dec 26, 2015.

  1. yobdab

    Dec 5, 2015
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    I bought a P3A months ago, made some sick flights.. I even made a 3200m flight with no modification whatsoever, was the most intense 6-7 minutes of the year, that feeling of oh god it might drop in the middle of the ocean... sadly thats what i felt almost everytime i flew the phantom.. i was scared each time.. I wasnt enjoying the beauty of taking pictures which i did, oh boy i did take some amazing shots, too bad I couldnt take some that i wanted to.

    After 4 months of owning a P3A, i just sold it, 1.5k for the drone + case + some extra props + 2 extra bats (got them for 110)... i lost nothing, I even made money out of it...

    All this regulations on Drones, and some of what are coming made me sell this beauty, also the fact that more and more crashes where reported and everytime I flew it felt like i was gonna lose my baby.

    Enjoy it fellow phantomers.. its a beautiful hobby... best drone out there... P3 is just simply perfect....

    Now I have 1.5k extra cash and Ive been thinkin what to buy with it... maybe save some and buy a racing drone? I do like the fact that i can go fast on empty places and make stuns, big change but i Like the idea, just buying extra parts for it incase i crash, but the difference is that, a crash doesnt mean sending my drone to DJI and waiting 2 months for it... oh well

    Now that you know my story, i want to thank each and every one of you. This might be the best forum ive been in. I not only came for information that i needed every time i did, but came to learn and know some of your stories.

    Thank you PhantomPilots, ill still login once in a while... maybe Ill wait a bit and see what DJI brings... or maybe Ill just do that jump and buy the Inspire1 :O... hate not having my baby bird next to me...

    Ty PP
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