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Broken DJI Phantom Vision2+ / no parts available/ IMAGE

Discussion in 'Phantom 2 Vision Discussion' started by C@RDBO@RDBRAINZ, May 19, 2014.


    May 19, 2014
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    So I recently purchased a Vision 2+ to find out that they do not have replacement parts yet for this copter. Unfortunately earlier today I wrecked it into a concrete beam and it took a pretty serious fall.
    The Copter itself is fine but unfortunately the Gimbal and camera didn't make it out unharmed. The Camera actually broke off completely from the Arm of the Gimbal and the black ribbon snapped.
    I called and spoke with DJI to get the replacement parts and they told me to check in 2 weeks or so to see if they have parts then.. They were also unable to Quote me about the cost for repairs.

    The camera is pretty sucky as you all know.. I asked about just replacing this mount all together so I could use my HERO3 and they said that the gimbals are not compatible with the VISION 2+

    Has ANY one out there replaced the VISION 2+ - 3-Axis Gimbal and replaced it with a 3-Axis GO-PRO Gimbal. Its my understanding that this is not possible for the VISION 2+ through DJI but I know someone on here has done it or can lead me in the right direction. Also I guess the FVP and Monitoring only works with their camera and your phone through the APP. I would have to purchase the DJI LIGHTBRIDGE LINK to make the GOPRO work for monitoring etc...

    Clearly I am new to all of this and any suggestions or help would be greatly appreciated :)

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