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Broke my Zenmuse ribbon cable

Discussion in 'Phantom 2 Discussion' started by Bluegrass, Jun 7, 2014.

  1. Bluegrass

    Apr 8, 2014
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    I got hung up in a tree branch and when the Phantom fell my Zenmuse 2d became dead. After troubleshooting I found the black covered ribbon cable coming out of the housing next to the gray cable had several wires cut. I doubt that I can replace it even if I could get it. It looks like it would be a job for the manufacturer to do. It would probably cost almost as much as a new one would cost.

    I priced them. I can get a new one for $379. I also can get a 3d for the same price. I'm wondering if I should just upgrade to a 3d or not. I've been really happy with the videos I've been shooting with my 2d. Not sure if the 3d would get me that much better video. Anybody have any suggestions. I also had purchased a 2d spare mount for about $70 which I could use now except that the cable broke so it's kind of useless for me now.

    I'll tell you one thing I'm thinking of doing if I install a new Zenmuse. I think I'll apply some kind of caulking material that stays a little flexible, over the area where the ribbon cable comes out of the housing. Right were it bends is where part of the ribbon cable was cut from the crash.
  2. Jaybee

    Dec 24, 2013
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    Bristol UK
    I also split the ribbon on my 2D. Despite being something I could easily fix if I could get the part, DJI do not sell them, so the only way to fix it is to send it to them to repair. You're assumption is right, it's a pricey job – I estimated about 2/3 the cost of a new one.

    Up to you if you want to upgrade to a 3D. They clearly give better results having a 3rd axis, but they are largely problematic at this time - just read through some of the posts here.

    If you were happy enough with the 2D I would go ahead and get another one.
  3. csivet

    May 11, 2014
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    my gimbal's ribbon cable was broken too. so i have sent my ex-gimbal to dji in China 30 days ago. and there is still no response from dji yet.i love flying so i bought a new h3-3d gimbal... dji does not sell that ribbon cable also they don't want to fix it.
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