Black or white frames while recording video

Oct 26, 2016
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I have a problem (or what I think is a problem) when recording video with the P4. I am recording 1080P at 60fps and after around 5 or 6 minutes of recording every once in a while I will get a split second or so of black frames or very bright white frames during the video. It is frames being replaced in the video, it is not stuttering or jerking. It occurs inside of the 4gb file so I know it's not the file split problem. I have tried both the factory memory card and a Sandisk Extreme Plus 64gb card and both give the same results. If I look at the cached video on my iPad Air 2 the black or white frames are there also in the same spots as the video on the microSD card so I am thinking it's not a file writing problem (or is it?). I have set up the P4 stationary and ran the gimbal through the range of motion very slow and quickly and this doesn't cause the black and white frames to appear, so I think I have ruled out the ribbon cable. I have also just set the P4 up on a table top and let it record video while stationary and it still happens so I think I have ruled out a loose connection / vibration problem.

I am hoping that other people are also having this problem and it is a firmware problem. The P4 and RC controller are on the latest firmware (as of 10-25-2016) and has been factory reset and recalibrated and the iPad Air 2 has the lates version of the DJIGo app installed and it is running the latest iOS 10 updates. I haven't tried downgrading the firmware to the original that came with the P4

So... Is anyone else having this problem also?? Is it a Firmware problem???


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