Best place for Osmo accessories? (Can DJI's prices be beat?)

May 15, 2016
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I want an Osmo+ as a ground compliment to my Phantom 4 but I am having a **** of a time getting a good price on one plus the accessories. I want an Osmo+ plus:
Vehicle Mount
Articulating arm
Straight extension arm
Universal Accessory Mount
Extension Arm
Rode Video Micro with 360 mount
Osmo Base
External Power adaptor and 10 Pin connector (so I can use my P4 batteries)
Z Axis

I see that DJI offers the "sport accessory package" which includes all of that except the Z Axis, universal mount, and the external power adaptor and 10 pin cable for a pretty good discount, but it also comes with the bike mount, which I really have no use for, and 2 spare batteries, which are nice but since I will normally be using external power or P4 batteries or just shooting briefly I have minimal use for. I have asked DJI sales (which takes them an excessive amount of time to respond) if I could sub out the extra batteries and bike mount for the Z Axis and external power adaptor and cable but they said no. They suggested I just buy everything seperately, the problem is that the extension arm is currently out of stock individually and once the prices are all added up it only amounts to a $10 savings over just buying the sport package plus the missing items individually and for that price I might as well spend the extra $10 and get the extra stuff.

Is there any place besides DJI that I can get all the accessories I want for cheaper all togethor?

The problem is that if I bought from DJI I would also be using a student discount (10% off) and $425 in DJI credit so my total out of pocket price for everything would be $590.20, including the Osmo+ itself. Were I just to get the Osmo+ from DJI and the accessories seperate I would spend $159.10, so my total accessory budget is just $431.10.

Can anyone provide me with all the accessories I named (plus the bike mount and 2 extra batteries) for less than $431.10 shipped? Or alternatively, all of the above, plus the Osmo+ for less than $590.20 shipped?

Probably impossible, but I am on a budget and also don't want to reward DJI's stubbornness and horrible customer service by ordering from them directly if I don't have to.

Would I be able to get the exact same results for cheaper by using an adaptor and GoPro accessories (remembering my budget)?

On a side note, I remember, once upon a time, being able to call DJI's sales department (at the number given on their website for North America) directly, and getting a live, English Speaking, person, now I get a recording telling me to use the Email. Using the Email takes them about 3 days to respond, at which point they will send an aparently automated EMail which answers a completely different question than the one asked, replying to that email will cause another 3 day wait until someone actually reads the email a d responds to it directly, but they still may not understand it, if they don't it will be another 3 days, and so on. I have been going back and forth with 2 different "reps" from DJI (one from each of their "sales" emails) for about a month now, only to be told that they would not help me and that I should buy everything individually.
Aug 1, 2017
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Osmo Mobile
USD $299
  • ActiveTrack technology built into the DJI GO app allows the Osmo Mobile to automatically keep your smart phone facing you as you move.
  • The Osmo Mobile’s 3-axis gimbal system smooths out the movements you make, turning every shot into the cinematic video.
  • With a few taps, the Osmo Mobile motion time-lapse feature shoots the video showing the passing of time.
  • The Osmo Mobile lets you share special moments in real time using YouTube Live inside the DJI GO app.
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