automates flight above 400?

Dec 27, 2014
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I know its technically illegal or against faa rues but is there a way to set the altitude of the drone higher than the controllers range and have it return automatically?
The only way to fly outside of the remote controller's range is by using ground station. That has a maximum altitude of 650 ft for a waypoint though.

If you're using an Android device, then check out the following apps:


DJI Ultimate Flight:

I know the first removes the waypoint distance restriction. I'm not sure about the altitude restriction though. Both apps include additional ground station settings.
ya you can set the height and distance limits in the naza assistant to be what ever you want them to be. Tho it just makes you check a box in a pop up window that basically says you are aware of the risks and that they take no responsibility.

Tho if you set the limits to be out of the range of the controller it will just go in to fail safe and try to return to home if it ever flys past the range of the controller and loses signal. Tho you might want to be careful if you try to set the height to be more then the range of the controller if your using any of the newer firmware revisions were they clamped down the decent speed to only 2m per second. Which now makes it take 4 times as long to get down then it does to go up. So if you ever happened to be so high up that it was going to be out of range of the radio you better hope you have an almost full battery if you want it to even have any hope of making it down before it completely runs out and shuts off and turns its self in to a rock instead of a flying machine.

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