Anyone in the PNW like dams?

Jun 3, 2015
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Portland, OR
Hi! I'm a graduate student in landscape architecture doing a project this summer looking at dams, reservoirs, and dam decommissioning. I joined this forum because I was considering buying a Phantom quadcopter for my research, but my funding didn't fully pan out. But then I thought, why not see if any of you want an excuse to fly at some cool spots for fun?

I know it's not kosher to sell aerial photography services without a license, but if anyone lives in the area and would be into meeting me there (or shooting there on your own) sometime in the next few weeks, I'd love to buy you lunch or something in exchange for a bit of footage. Since it's for research, and has the support of my university, I should be able to get permission to get you into some sites that you might get questioned at otherwise. My work is internal and won't be published, but whatever form it takes I will happily credit you for your generosity.

Due to the drought, many reservoirs are way below normal high water, with lots of exposed land and old stumps. Would be some very unique and interesting shots of unusual locations. (As an example, this is Detroit Lake last week.)

Some of the sites I'm looking at:

Detroit Dam, Santiam River, OR
Cottage Grove Dam, Coast Fork of the Willamette, OR
Mirror Pond Dam, Deschutes River, Bend, OR
(former) Condit Dam, White Salmon River, WA
(former) Gold Ray Dam, Rogue River, OR
& more.

I know I'm not offering much for your troubles, so don't laugh me out of the park here. I'm just putting this out there to see if there's any interest. No hard feelings.

Feel free to message me if you want more details, if you have ideas, or any other questions. Thanks and have fun out there.

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