Any way to get the original uncropped >inside cam< imagesize?

Dec 30, 2017
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Hi out there!
Does anyone know a way to open the original uncropped DNG file?

When you open DNGs with PS , Lightroom ect. you get a only strong cropped result. (apx. 10% I guess) But the original filesize is actually very different! I recognized this some days ago when opening the DNGs in "Fast Raw Viewer". At my screenshots you can see the comparison between the DNG crop and the external Jpeg crop. The crop looks massive.

What I am interested in is if there is any program where you can open and edit (!) the very original uncropped version. (Unfortunately in "Fast Raw Viewer" you can only inspect the files and handle it over to external Raw converters. And as mentioned above, they all apply the heavy crop ..)


I am a bit confused with your question. The majority of my photography both camera and drone is RAW. 100% of my photos are edited in Lightroom. I only use photoshop for composites or graphics. Both programs will only do what you tell them to do. They will not crop without input from he operator. I am unfamiliar with fast raw viewer. Windows "photo" will display DNG files. Right click on the photo in explorer and chose open with explorer. Anyway looking at your photos it looks like the software performed a lens correction and removed the slight vignette which cause the visible crop. Use Lightroom which only crops when you tell it to crop. Or, since I have never shot JPG on the Phantom, it's possible that the Drone does a lens correction and removes the slight vignette when internally using JPG
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Hi, well my workflow seems prettty similar to yours. I also shoot exclusively raw. The jpeg shown above resulted cause I set RAW+Jpeg in Dji Go preferences. That happened more by accident normally my setting is only RAW. But cause I did this, I found out that there is this difference between the RAW opened in Fast RAW Viewer or in Lightroom ect.

When I opened the untouched files in Lightroom (setting: Preferences > General> : Treat JPEGfiles next to raw files as seperate photos) There is no difference between raw and Jpg. Both look identically cropped. BUT when I do this in Fast Raw Viewer the crop is as shown above.

I´m confused as well, but it seems that there is far more resolution in DJI RAWs as usual Raw converters show. I´d like to find out how to get this "additional" file size..

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