1. S

    2 seconds RAW interval P4 Advanced

    does anyone know if 2 seconds interval RAW shooting, is something that will be available in future updates of the Phantom4 advanced?
  2. FlyingUser

    Anyone using Darktable for raw stills?

    I decided to go raw when I do stills and looking for a good raw converter/image processor. Of course there is Lightroom, but are there any good alternatives?
  3. G

    Any way to get the original uncropped >inside cam< imagesize?

    Hi out there! Does anyone know a way to open the original uncropped DNG file? When you open DNGs with PS , Lightroom ect. you get a only strong cropped result. (apx. 10% I guess) But the original filesize is actually very different! I recognized this some days ago when opening the DNGs in "Fast...
  4. P

    P4P RAW Image Tint

    Hello everyone, First time poster here. I am having an issue with my P4P whereby JPEG previews display just fine on my computer, but the RAW files show a very strange cast/tint to them (in PS, LR, C1 and the Apple Photos App). I have uploaded files showing the output when I look at the JPG...
  5. W

    P4 Pro 16 MP Images instead of 20MP

    Hey guys, having problems with my photos on my phantom 4 Pro. Whats happening is that I shoot in RAW and then take my picture onto my computer. At this time my pictures are like 940 X 480 or something along those lines. Then I edit it in Lightroom and export as a .TIFF or a JPEG but my photos...
  6. frehr

    JPG vs RAW image sizes in pixels

    Hi all When I use Windows explorer and look at the properties on a DNGfile vs a JGPfil the DNGfile only says that it is 960x720 pixels. The JPG says 4000x3000 When I drag the DNG/RAW over in Lightroom the file is 3992x2992 px long. Does that mean that windows only shows me the size of a preview?
  7. DaRana

    Nuking the DNG Camera Profile [Now w/ script]

    UPDATE 11/20: Added some details about a one-step import + profile-nuke script to new post on page 3 of this thread You can see more details in the Readme - GitHub - darana/P4P__color-profiles: Color profiles for the Phantom 4 Pro drone Update 10/3: See Dingoz' post page 3 and his dedicated...
  8. Sunset Over Park City, Utah

    Sunset Over Park City, Utah

    Sunset Over Park City, Utah (HDR)
  9. S

    JPG vs. RAW Sharpness

    Hi all, Just got the phantom 3 standard the other day. Been flying around and playing with the image settings. I shoot with a DSLR in RAW all the time, so yes I get that RAW is best (I do my post in Adobe LR). To get to the point, I've noticed that my RAW images when shooting in RAW+jpg are...
  10. M

    Timelapse / Interval Timer rate in RAW photo mode

    Anyone know what the shortest interval between shots when shooting stills in RAW? I have a Mavic Pro and it is 10 seconds (It will go down to 1 second in JPEG mode). Wondering what if it is lower for RAW on the P4Pro.
  11. Warren1971

    Phantom 4 Pro Raw Image Samples here.

    Hi Gang I have had lots of requests for RAW DNG samples from the Phantom 4 Pro, i have created a download page here Dji Phantom 4 pro raw dng images | Drone Lab Photography Please let me know what you think. Cheers Warren
  12. Warren1971

    Phantom 4 Pro RAW DNG Sample Here

    Hi Gang I have had lots of requests for DNG samples from the Phantom 4 Pro, i have created a download page here Dji Phantom 4 pro raw dng images | Drone Lab Photography Please let me know what you think. Cheers Warren
  13. D.Bennett

    Got any original footage? RAW, D-LOG, etc...

    Does anyone have any original untouched footage straight from their drone that you have uploaded anywhere available for download? Or know of a site to get some? I'm sharpening my editing skills, both color correction/grading and full post production. Looking for something like the video below...
  14. R

    Searching for sample of DMG/RAW photos

    I am searching online for full size unedited DMG/RAW images taken with the Phantom 4. I am considering what to purchase for my first drone, and yes this seems an odd thing to pivot on (long story). I would have hoped a site like DPReview or FLICKR's camera finder would have these, but not having...
  15. T

    Phantom 4 Raw Video

    Hi there, I've just received my DJI Phantom 4, so far very impressed with the results I'm getting. This is the best quality I've been able to get out of it so far – Here's 4K at 30fps (180º shutter), LOG, downscaled to 1080p, colour corrected and conformed to 25fps (I'm UK-based): QUESTION...
  16. R

    Quality Raw Photo Image Help Needed

    Hello, I upgraded from a Vision Plus last Christmas to a P3P and so far its spent more time with FedEx and DJI. (I will have to say that DJI got it in and out of the shop in less then five days.) I'm going to be sending it back for a third camera next week unless something changes by then. In...
  17. Y

    Need some RAW - DNG samples from Phantom 4

    Hi there, Could someone please post some RAW - DNG files from Phantom 4 so I can compare them to P3. Various angles and lots of details like trees would be great. You could send them via wetransfer.com or post them online somewhere :). Thank you, Yodani
  18. R

    RAW files beginning

    I've had my phantom for a few months and have been shooting mostly video. I taught myself basic Final Cut Pro and it's been very rewarding. I want to delve into photographing with my phantom 3A. But I want to use RAW files. I've always been amazed by the video quality of my P3A, but when I've...
  19. DroneTone

    Raw Compass Numbers Out of Range?

    I'm concerned that my raw Compass Calibration numbers may be out of whack. Specifically the X and Z numbers, the Y and Mod values seem within range. I'm assuming normal number ranges for X, Y and Z are: + or - 300 Compass Mod range: 1400-1800 I know that Mod = square root of (X*X+Y*Y+Z*Z)...
  20. I

    P3A: Issue with RAW image, white bar with purple dots (Pic inside)

    Hey guys, I have been flying the P3A for about 6 months and occasionally in my shots, I would get a few image that has a white bar across with purple dots on it. I shoot everything in RAW. See sample image below: (this image is a straight out of camera RAW file exported to JPEG) I already...