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Another iPad mount question...

Discussion in 'Standard' started by Bob White, Dec 28, 2015.

  1. Bob White

    Dec 9, 2015
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    Hi all, hope you had a very merry christmas.

    I recently joined this forum after being bought a P3S by my lovely wife as a Birthday present, possibly one of the best gifts I have had, been wanting one of these for ages.

    I would like to add the inspire 1 tablet mount to my controller and have been through the various threads on this subject but am a little confused as to the bits and tools I actually need to do this.

    I see that in addition the holder itself I need to drill a hole in the controller and add a nut for the mount to screw into. Can anyone tell me where I can get the necessary part (preferably in the UK) and what tools (if any are required).

    Many thanks
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  2. fordruid

    Nov 14, 2015
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