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Another "Close call" thread

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by iwanowski, Aug 23, 2014.

  1. iwanowski

    Aug 23, 2014
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    Today I took my phantom for 11th flight, I walked away with a giant smile on my face!

    Here's how it went, I was flying my phantom around a school football field, free from any electrical towers, tall buildings, or trees. It's a great place to fly and get the hang of things. I just want to mention that I picked up the Phantom 2 strictly for flying purposes, I have not a gimbal or camera, yet. If this thing crashes and results in being unrepairable, I would be out 100% as I am a student and would not be able to invest a second time around just yet. As a result, I take my sweet *** time when it comes to preflight and making sure everything is done right. Once everything is good on the ground, I take it up in the air, make sure compass knows its place and fly it in a flew straight lines to make sure things are good before I start giving it a good whirl.

    Everything was going smooth as it always does, and finally my red low battery light comes on to tell me my time is up! Just as I begin my final approach for landing, it just stiffens itself up in the air, and is unresponsive to any controls. "Ya right, this can't be happening already" I'm thinking to myself. Next thing you know, I turn my transmitter off to activate the failsafe, and watch it return home oh so smoothly. I would never test the fail safe myself as I just don't like taking such risks!

    I'm wondering, what might have caused me to lose contact with my phantom like that? Any previous experiences from any users around here?
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