An ha... So it wasn't the rain that damaged the battery

Aug 15, 2016
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After crashing my drone on a roof of a hotel 3 weeks ago, I took it for a flight a few days ago.. And got red voltage numbers coming up on top right hand corner. This was the same battery I had crashed into the hotel and it was left all night upside down for 14 hours of pouring rain.

Turns out the same battery was bad before the crash as I decided to back track on a few flights before the crash. So what do I do from here guys? Maybe I just didn't notice it before. Kinda scary as I am sure I used that battery for Lots of litchi missions.

DJI won't open till Monday and I am more then happy to wait till then as I have one battery I can still use. However this bad battery was letting me fly over the sea, max altitude.. You name it... It done it. Should I just leave it or what?

Here is a healthy drone link

Airdata UAV - Flight Data Analysis for Drones

Any feedback would be cool


just gets better... It's not even the same battery that was left outside in the rain all night... I feel pretty dàmn smug about that Here's the link down below. 2 different battery numbers. (Thank God for that) now I do feel a lot better (this is the link that crashed on the hotel)

Airdata UAV - Flight Data Analysis for Drones

So what should I do with the battery? Safe to fly? I only get around 3-4 red bars and airdata said anything between 5-10 I should be worried, but some appearing is normal
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