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  1. Fatbloke-Dim

    Jan 22, 2014
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    Got me new , whizzo P4. Unboxed and set up indoors to get to point of motor run , as all seems to well so far. Got message suggesting firmware needs update before going any further ,most insistent it was too , as could not start motors . Only wanted to goose the throttle some without props , just for the hell of it . Yeah ....eassily pleased , me ! Tried firmware update ,bur check list sez "turn on air system ". What's that mean - air system ? Remote, or Lightbridge? Had the drone powered up ,remote on , but no tablet or Go app . Does everything need to be live as ready to fly? Will try again later ,got everything on charge so will have everything good to go as I'm aware the update needs time to complete, thus battery mileage in hand . But....."air system"?