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Dec 23, 2013
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harbor sunset-1.jpg

Tonight's sunset. 4 x 5 exposures. HDR'ed and Stitched in Lightroom.
Nice shot. Way to fly.
Could you put a link to the full size file

Don't really have a convenient hosting site to do so, but here's a 100% crop...

The camera still leaves a little to be desired when it comes to sharpness and noise. But not bad, especially since this is an HDR processed photo and shot just after sun went down.

harbor sunset-3.jpg
In case you're interested, did a quick video edit from the same flight. It was such a beautiful evening!
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Love the pic, I have been looking at getting into this, ive downloaded ICE but not tried it yet.
Did you use lightroom for both HDR & stitching? I had a go at HDR using CS3 and the results were naff to say the least, I think its time to invest in a newer version as I cant open the RAW file and have had to use jpeg.
Can I ask what was your initial exposure based on and did you leave it in auto?
Finally what post processing, if any, did you do before and after producing the HDR image.

Sorry for all the questions but you obviously know what you are doing and that sort of image is what I aspire to.
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Yes. Lightroom CS 6 is amazing for both HDR and stitching. It makes a very natural looking HDR. I shot it in auto, 5 AEB. I do the HDR process first, and then the merge. Once I have the pano, I first go to Lens Correction section, add the DJI Inspire profile and Crop to Fit. Next I straighten if necessary. Add a little sharpening and noise reduction. Then I play with the sliders. I find that after processing, they often need a little contrast added back in or white balance correction.
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