Activation error 1112 on Mavic 3

Apr 1, 2014
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Frome, UK
Im trying to activate a brand new sealed Mavic 3 and it will not activate. Error code 1112. Says i need to contact Dji? Also says im not connected to the wifi, but it is connected? Any thoughts?
Hi Marconi,

I would take it back to where I bought it from and exchange it.
At first check your settigs in setup menu to see how it is conected to WiFi.
The connected smart device needs to be connected to the internet.
The activation goes through the DJI Fly App.
You also need to aprove ALL permissions.
Announcement from the team for everyone!

As many of you already know, DJI drones can be linked to a personal account. Although at first glance this seems like a convenient feature, it can create problems, for example, when selling a drone if you have forgotten the password, or when you purchase a drone that is already linked to someone else's account, which means the drone can only fly with a specific remote control. Additionally, there is the issue of drone activation errors such as 1112 or "activation prohibited."

We, the team, have encountered this problem while working with a large number of drones. After thorough work on a solution, we are pleased to introduce our new service for unlocking DJI drones from DJI accounts and solving activation problems.

If you have encountered a similar problem, we are ready to help! You can contact me directly at +37369540000 (Andrei), telegram/instagram @andrewpetcu, or write about your problem here on the forum.
Could you provide some details of what is involved in the process?

Is this a free service or are you charging a fee?

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