Android App: Real-Time Airspace Map/Weather and Easy Checklists

Mar 4, 2015
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Hi all,

NVdrones just released our mobile app today, NVDash Mobile! Some of you have been beta testing our web app and we've gotten great feedback that led into the development of our Android app.


· Fly safely with comprehensive and real-time airspace map provided by AirMap

· Know the flying conditions with real-time weather information

· Manage your entire team by easily on-boarding team equipment and personnel

· Optimize your team's workflow by creating checklists directly on the app (e.g. create a charging, pre-flight, and post-flight checklist). You can add checkboxes, custom text entries, and other items to checklist templates.

· Increase efficiency by executing checklists directly from the app

· Stay on the same page as team members with a full history of completed checklists

· Operate without cell service or wi-fi - Does not require internet connectivity (excluding AirMap features)

Over the next releases we are going to be implementing other things like flight logging, integration with our web app (where you can upload flight logs from DJI, 3DR, Yuneec, Freefly, etc.), as well as AirMap's D-NOTICE. D-NOTICE will allow you to electronically notify major airports/ATC of your flight directly from NVDash Mobile.

Here is a short video demo of the app:

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Download NVDash Mobile on Google Play

To become a beta tester, please visit!

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