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  • heliflyer7, I'm curious if I can pay you for use of your drone video of Return on my website. Nice work.
    I'm the artist who created it.
    The YouTube link is suboptimal because of commercials and comments.
    [email protected]
    Me neither. The videos aren't store on this site, its just a link to get them. Oh well, at least I got a couple on. Thanks.
    I finally figured that out, the embedded video button. I was always trying to upload videos, not embed them. I got em on there, but now I'm wondering about my quota. It says 10mb, is that a day, a month, or for life? I uploaded one video that was 861mb! Now I cant upload anymore cause of that quota deal I think.
    I've never seen any notice of a quota. Most of my vids are in 4k and their sizes range from 3 to 10GB, they are accepted without restriction. Not sure what's going on with that.
    I noticed you have a lot of videos posted on the media page. Could you outline your steps you go through to post a video? I have tried posting to YT, FB, amazon cloud, vimeo, and every time I copy the url to the media page of this site, I get an error message saying the uploaded video doesn't have an allowed extension. Thanks.
    You said you have tried posting videos to these various sites, have they been successfully uploaded and can you view them on the sites?

    If so, when you're watching the video, copy the URL and goto "Add Media", here on Phantom Pilots. Then when it says "Choose a Category", select "Aerial Videos". Then, click on "Embed a Video", paste your URL in the box and click on the "+" sign. That'll do it!
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