1. I

    Crash 53s into RTH

    Hello all, I’m new to the forum and a relatively new pilot, as I’ve had my P4 advanced only for a few months. Unfortunately, I am writing after a total loss crash in which my drone ended up on the steep side of an unreachable coastal cliff. I would appreciate if someone more expert than me...
  2. H

    Bloated Battery - Replacement Options?

    Hi there everyone. I have hardly used my P2 as it has taken me many years/months to put it all together for FPV. I purchased my P2 in early 2014 so its clearly out of warranty. My issue that has come about just the other day. I noticed just after take off and 10ft in the air, all red lights...
  3. biggerj

    6 months warranty on gimbal

    I needed My Gimbal and Camera Repaired But DJI say there's no Warranty, i had the Phantom 4 for 9 Months Dji Say There Warranty for the camera and gimbal is only 6 months . I wish i knew that i had the problem 2 months after i purchased the drone thinking i had a one year warranty..... Now I'm...
  4. PhantomFlyer3SE

    Have I warranty for my DJI Phantom Intelligent Battery?

    I bought my P3SE 2 monts ago, and the original battery stopped to work after 7-8 charging. I bought the drone from Geekbuying, they say, that they doesn't give warranty for drones: "GeekBuying offers 1 year warranty for Consumer Electronic products such as TV BOX, TABLET, CELLPHONE, GAMEPAD...
  5. brendon_c

    Help! DJI Repair Quote - Am I being robbed?

    I purchased the Phantom 4 Pro on 10 November 2017. The very first time I calibrated the aircraft I noticed that the gimbal was trying to move in the opposite direction and making a strange sound. I thought this was normal because I had only just unpacked it from the box. I have only flown the...
  6. R

    Does the warranty transfer over?

    Hello everyone. I am looking into getting a used P3P. I was wondering if I bought one that was still in the warranty period, does the warranty carry over? Thanks!
  7. R

    Warranty on used drone?

    Hey guys. I'm looking into buying a used P3P. I was wondering if there is any way to buy a warranty for a second hand drone through dji or another service, or would I just have to work something out with the seller. Thanks!
  8. Kima kim

    Is it still covered with the DJI warranty?

    Is a phantom still covered with the DJI warranty if it was sold to another person within the warranty period of 1 year?
  9. B

    DJI Refuses to Warranty when Motor Shuts Off and Crashes P4

    So I have a friend who is having an issue with DJI honoring the warranty on his Phantom 4. About a month ago he was taking off and ascending vertically, when at about 200' one motor shuts down and the drone falls out of the sky, significantly damaging the body, landing gear and camera gimbal...
  10. B

    P3P Faulty Gimbal Board Warranty Issue!!

    I'm in a bit of a pickle. Might be bad timing. So basically my P3P video transmission stopped working one day. Tried firmware upgrade a in hope it would resolve. No luck. Contacted DJI, provided log files etc. The support email said that it maybe an issue with the gimbal and if it was indeed...
  11. Velocity7

    My Phantom 4 Just Flew Away....

    I was flying with my kids a few weeks back and I was maybe 1000 ft out and in the hills outside of town when my P4 stopped responding to my commands and rth didn't initiate automatically. We stood there and watched as it flew back over the city and within minutes went down and out of sight...
  12. kalmargyula

    P3P gimbal - slowly tiling left & right

    Hello friends, I'm new to this forum, but I do have about 1.5 years of experience with this model ( probably around 40-50 hours of flight without a single major issue). My first problems with my P3P started last June when I had to change the gimbal (it had vibration issues, but I needed it...
  13. Dramface460

    Sent in my P4 because of beeping sound..DJI is fixing it under warranty

    Hey everyone, So you may be aware, I had a RTH failure on my original p4 and crashed, which DJI replaced with a brand new drone( not refurb because its a new serial number without an R at the end). after receiving the new P4 drone on 2/6/17, I noticed a beeping sound I have never heard before...
  14. M

    Need help. DJI won't cover flyaway crash. Ignores flight data.

    Hey Everyone! I'm sorry if this isn't the correct area for this post. If it isn't just let me know. This post will be kind of long.... So I've been wanting to get into this hobby for ages now. I finally saved enough and was persuaded by my wife enough to finally buy a drone (P4). I flew it...
  15. embayweather

    DJI Guarantee

    I have just contacted DJI about a guarantee on behalf of my brother. Currently he lives in the US and will be moving to the UK in about twelve months. He is going to buy a 4Pro and was concerned about the guarantee should he have problems when he moves. The answer was, dont buy overseas as we do...
  16. H

    Is DJI warranty also a phantom?

    My drone was about 50 feet directly overhead with a good connection. Suddenly the connection was lost and I had a flyaway. It crashed about 1/4 mile away with bad results. I sent it in to DJI for a warranty repair- I thought. Their analysis was the following: " Customer didn't cancel the...
  17. Neary Aerial

    Phantom 4 Pro Crash Coverage

    Crash coverage for the Phantom 4 Pro has been added to the website. We have also added Inspire 2 coverage. Protect yourself from everything except loss with NO DEDUCTIBLE!! Click here: Neary Aerial Media
  18. D

    I have very unstable PH3A and finally found out why

    I thought it was an issue with the latest firmware. I tried everything and I mean everything to get it stable. Then on the last test flight it revealed itself. Finding no issues with settings that helped I looked for stress cracks and found none until now. Looking for answers on stability many...
  19. R

    Obtaining waranty service in Europe , USA purchased

    Hi I purchased a DJI phantom 4 from an authorised dealer in USA . I am back in Europe now , I am just looking now to see if I need to ever get service on the drone , Can I obtain service in europe
  20. F

    Phantom 3 Standard Dropped Out of Sky - Help!

    Hey folks! Somewhat recent to the drone hobby, but really enjoying it! Right up until tonight at least. I was flying my Phantom 3 Standard just out the front of my house, sitting at around 11 meters high. I was in P-GPS mode, 71% battery (I double tapped it into place, just to be sure), fully...