1. T

    Magnetic Field Interference

    Today I was over a corn field in an area with no hills or obstructions for 2 miles in every direction and not near any buildings. I got three warnings in one minute for weak GPS and then a Magnetic Field Interference warning and my Phantom started flying in a very unstable way. Thankfully I...
  2. PhantomHero

    Range extender

    Will the addition of a 3 antenna ($57 one) help/eliminate the "Warning strong interference" warning? Was considering getting one for P3S if it would correct this issue. Or will this JUST add further flight distance when no interference is present?
  3. furthertofly

    Braking...Return to Midpoint???

    First flight after aircraft firmware update and I'm getting a continual annoying warning I've never seen before -- "Braking -- Return sticks to midpoint to continue" or something like that. I'm flying at modest inputs, light breeze, in a wilderness setting -- nothing extreme about it. And, I'm...
  4. I

    Almost had a fly-away with my P3P. Why??

    was flying in my usual spot at the end of my entrance on the road. There are 4 heavy electrical wires above the entrance but I never fly over the wires. I always stay clear and fly the other way for the last year and a half. Never had a problem. Tonight, after confirming GPS location I went...
  5. tml4191

    Coron, Palawan, Philippines Drone Warning

    Coron, Palawan is a beautiful island in the Philippines; it's also a great place to take your drone for some tropical aerial footage. If you go near the Twin Lagoons, be careful of those high limestone formations. My p4p's obstacle avoidance was turned off to maximize the battery life, and I...
  6. Sunnaroe

    More important than range...

    Im sure im not alone in being obsessed with my equipment (the drone )Surfing amazon for attachments 24-7 like we just fathered a Phantom...but in this below freezing midwest weather,Im learning how important the actual PILOT is!Like along with advice regarding upgrades I wish someone reminded me...
  7. Etop

    Warning - Strong electrical interference

    I get the above warning every time I fly no matter where I am. Has not effected anything yet but I get a little worried. Any solutions to this warning.
  8. Member

    Litchi waypoints: uploaded vs controller?

    Hello Pilots, P3P user here. I'm new to Litchi and haven't used it out in the field yet. I want to plan the missions very carefully (leaving lots of extra altitude in different terrains, always going above trees, and open fields, etc) but based on past experience, the video feed will stop...