1. K

    Major Battery Voltage Deviation

    My P3P Battery #1 has a major voltage deviation in Cell #1 (0.102v). During today's flight at 35º F, the AC AutoLanded. Since the AC was still close to the Home Point, I could see the status lights were flashing red. AirData.com gave me the two attached battery records. Question: Is this a...
  2. Mark3710

    Need power

    I’ve searched everywhere I can think of but can’t find a reliable answer. Is there a relatively simple way to tap into the battery power on any (or all) of the P4 series to power lighting? Also, is the battery voltage different for all the P4’s? Any help will be appreciated.
  3. Sevyn13

    Addon Light Going Out In Flight

    I purchased an addon light for my P3S and it worked for maybe five slights but now it's giving me problems. When I turn my drone on and turn the light on with the switch on the converter the light works fine and will continue to work indefinitely on the ground. When I turn the rotors on the...
  4. jeganx

    Can a 5V2.1A powerbank directly power Sunhans 12v1A 5.8GHz booster?

    Or do I need to find a voltage converter from 5V2.1A to 12V0.8A?
  5. D

    Blown power connect board?

    A client of mine and I custom mounted a FLiR Vue Pro to his Phantom 2: Zenmuse H4-3D. After numerous balancing issues we got the setup to function nicely. The first few test flights went fine but on the most recent startup I got a miniscule puff of of smoke from the power con board mounted...
  6. WetDog

    17 volts?

    The label on the Phantom 3 battery packs shows a nominal voltage of 15.2 volts. I decided to check the voltage on three packs - all were freshly charged with the stock charger and the charging hub. Using two different Fluke DVMs I get 17.1 - 17.2 volts off the main connector. Now these are...
  7. AndyS

    Help with Battery Analysis from Healthydrones.com

    Hi all, I recently uploaded all my flight logs so far to the great great site HealthyDrones.com - Health Check for your DJI Phantom, log converter and more and have had many insightful discoveries with all the data that the P3P captures, truly amazing. I am wondering however whether I am doing...