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Jul 20, 2015
Hi all,

I recently uploaded all my flight logs so far to the great great site - Health Check for your DJI Phantom, log converter and more and have had many insightful discoveries with all the data that the P3P captures, truly amazing. I am wondering however whether I am doing something wrong with my batteries because they are all apparently starting to show some major deviations with the cell voltages over time.

I started with 2 batteries from day 1, and after a few weeks bought a 3rd. The first 2 show no major deviations with the cells in the first few weeks since buying them. Then I bought a 3rd battery and since then, all 3 have started to register major deviations.

The site says :
Major deviation is when a cell differs more than 0.07v from the other cells.
Please note that normal batteries can have a few of these.
An abnormal battery will:
A) Have most of the major deviations in one cell
B) There will be multiple major deviations per minute, and more than 10 total
C) The deviations continue longer than 1 minute
If your battery shows all symptoms (example, another) then this is considered a more severe case of an inefficient battery and may impact the battery life.
If your battery has only 1-4 instances on the same cell, don't worry too much about it. If it has 5-10 instances - then continue to track and make sure it does not degrade:

With the first battery, there was 1 major on a flight, then several later flights with none, but then the 2 most recent flights with it have shown 1 or 2 majors. Reading the text above, I shouldn't worry too much because normal batteries can have a few of them. The deviations are in cells 1 or 4 usually.

With the third, newest battery, it started showing signs of major deviations with fewer flights on it than the other 2. On August 8th I had 1 major, then on the 18th I had none and on the 28th I had 1 major. So again I guess it shouldn't be too much of a worry.

On the second battery however I have the first flight with majors registered and it's 7 of them all in cell 1, see attached pic. This was followed up by another 3 min flight on the same battery, same day and there were no majors. So what do I read in to this? I have only had 1 other flight on this battery since the 7 majors, and that had 1 Major.

All the flights I used in my analysis were lengthy, around 15-17 mins. I know I have only had the quad for about 1.5 months, but the Go app tells me I have 6 hours flight time, 51km flown in 70 flights. So I have done a fair few take offs.

The fact that initially, sir maybe 60% of the flights there were no majors at all but slowly they are starting to creep in. I'll have to watch this closely over the next few months. Are any of you noticing similar degradation? I'm only ever taking them down to around 35% by the time I shut them off and change batteries, and I did the initial 10 cycles to 50% recommended on here.


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