1. N

    No image on new tablet (black screen)

    Hello Phantom pilots, I'm having a problem I hope someone is able to help me with. I've just bought a new tablet and connected it with the dji Phantom 3 SE. Maps work, but I have no view on the screen. It's just black. My older tablet works fine, but had lots of scratches on the screen, so I...
  2. Avocet

    Litchi says its New Tablet Time

    I've been having some issues with my Nexus 7 2013 2nd Gen lately. I use Litchi very very often, but some strange things have been happening. AirData will no longer sync unless I do an app "Clear Data". If I try to manually sync, Litchi malfunctions (flight modes cease working, can't switch to...
  3. A

    Which tablet is the best to use with Phantom 4 Pro, other than iPad

    Hello, Trying to decide which tab would be the best to use with Phantom 4 pro. I bought Galaxy Tab A but it is not very good. Later I saw this link Best Tablets and Phones for DJI GO (Updated Daily) - Phantom Help and narrowed down to several tablets: 1. Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 2. Lenovo Tab 4 8...
  4. B

    Phantom 3SE remote tablet mount removal

    I am attempting to replace the stock tablet / phone holder with a slightly larger one because I have a Samsung Tab S and its just slightly too big for the stock mount. The controller for the 3SE has two points where the mount attaches, the loop looking attachment dead center on the remote and...
  5. C

    New, Excited and Ignorant!

    First off I have been tremendously grateful to stumble on this discussion group prior to purchasing my P4. Wealth of knowledge from some subject matter experts. I am going to be purchasing my first phantom as soon as I figure out what I need / want. I thought I knew but after reading a lot on...
  6. P

    What mobile do you use or would you suggest? (for use with phantom 3 SE)

    I was wondering what are the best choices for a mobile/tablet to use with phantom 3 SE, I'm actually using my huawei p8 lite but it's not paring well with dji go app: fpv often freezes or loose video signal with no reason, even close to quad, often I just need to exit end go back in the app so I...
  7. C

    USB connect controller to tablet

    On the Phantom 3 4k controller there's a micro USB port, Wich I understand comes with this particular model. I'm confused about wether I can connect via WiFi to my tablet, or connect with this USB port. I also understand the 4k model is just a standard model with a camera and controller upgrade...
  8. D

    WTS: Nvidia Shield K1

    I have a Nvidia Shield k1 in great shape. The screen has a small rub mark but no major scratches, chips, cracks. Works great and I just recently applied liquid glass screen protector. Selling it since I went to an iPad 9.7. Asking $175 shipped
  9. H

    nvidia shield tablet + controller

    originally bought to play emulators on the big screen. but i rarely touched it since having another baby. also wanted to do sketches since the stylus is pressure sensitive in the nvidia native app. screen is very good. 2 little scratch if you really look for it. the back has a thin line crack...
  10. D

    Lenovo TAB 3 7 Essential Tablet any good?

    Hi, I'm thinking about buying one of these Lenovo TAB3 7 Essential 7-Inch Tablets (Lenovo TAB3 7 Essential 7-Inch Tablet - (Black) (MediaTek MT8127 Processor, 1 GB RAM, 8 GB eMMC Storage, Android 5.0): Computers & Accessories) for my Phantom 3 Professional and was wondering if...
  11. A

    Looking for hood for Nvidia Shield k1

    Hi this is my first post. Can anybody tell me where i could find a hood for a Nvidia Shield k1 tablet. Thanks
  12. Elqueso2

    Got my Verizon Ellipsis 8 to work with the DJI App, now need tablet mount….

    I actually got my POS Verizon Ellipsis 8 Tablet to work for the DJI Phantom 2 Android App. I know now why Verizon was giving them away 2 years ago…. This tablet is pretty worthless for daily use and should work great for FPV. With that said, I now need a tablet mount. I would like the keep my...
  13. MarMar

    Nvidea Shield K1 video issue

    I have been using my work phone, iphone 6s, with no problems. I just got the Nvidea Shield K1 tablet and set it up with DJI GO. Now I cannot fly due to video freezing and data loss notifications (Downlink data connection loss). Does anyone know a fix for this issue? Thank you
  14. Equidale

    Convince me...P4P or P4P+

    I'm completely torn. I keep reading such a variety of different user experiences with the P4P+ - some love it, some say they returned it because of the RC software/integrated tablet app glitching. I guess my question is, is this a known issue? Or is it a handful of people complaining on the...
  15. R

    No video or feed

    Just bought a phantom 3 pro. I have tried three different devices samsung s7, s6, and tab4. Never able to get video feed jus a black screen. I tried updating firm ware and when I do I get a loud continuous beep. When I take out the chip and check the file txt it says fail but when I turn...
  16. PIC107

    Nvidia Shield K1 with DJI Go 4 ?

    I've seen many threads discussing the Nvidia Shield K1 tablet, and I am familiar with this list of preferred devices: Best Tablets/Phones for DJI GO | Phantom Help However, I have not noticed any information about this tablet specifically for DJI Go 4 and the P4 Pro. Does anyone have...
  17. M

    new tablet

    I am trying to find a tablet for my father in law to use with his p3s, currently I have a samsung tab E lite, at first it said it was not compatible, I sideloaded the app and uninstalled, however when i went to the play store it said I could install it, so I do and notice that it has the radar...
  18. tml4191

    The first Dual Screen for a p4p?!?

    GIF VIDEO CLICK HERE The video was shot with the p4p^ It's a custom molded thermoplastic piece for a simple design. It's lightweight and sturdy, and anyone can do this, but it takes some skill to mold since the temperature changes rapidly and joining pieces can take some time. This took me a...
  19. tml4191

    IDE EXPO---IS flysight company there? LA

    I'm looking to return this tablet, so I figured that they might be in the drone expo in LA today. Can anyone confirm if this company is there? They are called flysight. Here's the tablet I was talking about:
  20. Maciacho

    Chuwi vi7 phablet 3g and GPS intel quad core CPU for phantom 3?

    Hello everyone my last lenovo tablet is dead :( i looking for new tablet only for flying my phantom 3 standard anyone have chuwi vi7 ? This will be good? All spec -> Chuwi Vi7 - Specifications