1. ExallRoofingLtd

    Left side of picture out of focus - P3P

    Hi Guys! I own a Phantom 3 Professional and i've been using it to take aerial photographs, however in all pictures the left hand side of the picture is blurry and out of focus compared to the right hand side. Is this normal or is there a setting where I can adjust this? Thanks for your help...
  2. L

    Curved Survey

    Hi Is there any workflow available that allows an average drone pilot to perform a curved survey? For example, Im surveying a curved roof but I want the drone to remain 10m above the roof at all times no matter the curve. Basically, is there a way an average pilot can survey one survey at...
  3. P

    GCP necessary for Roof survey?

    Hey there! I am working in small engineering company and we are planning middlesized to largescale pv systems. For the planning of middel sized rooftop pv systems we´re considering UAV mapping with our phantom 4 pro. I downloaded the latest trial version of Photoscan and already got the first...
  4. I

    Very long (300km) corridor mapping project.

    To the collective brains trust. I've been approached by a colleague (licensed surveyor) to put an expression of interest in to provide an aerial survey of a proposed walking trail. What is required is: 10 meter wide corridor survey along the 300km route. Accuracy is 50-100mm on the ground...
  5. dangerd

    Help your fellow pilot! UK Needs help Important!

    The UK CAA is conducting a survey which will be very important to the people who fly drones in the UK, the survey is open to anyone no matter what country you’re in. Taking flight: the future of drones in the UK Take the time to make Sure that the UK does not pass draconian laws on your...
  6. I

    Help Candoo save you money and hassle

    Hey hey, At Candoo, being huge UAV pilot fans, we are trying to figure out how to streamline your commercial pilot experience. Would you mind sharing: What are the apps or resources (websites, forums, etc.) that you use for each phase of commercial piloting? 1. Sourcing Jobs 2. Pre-Operation...
  7. S

    Dissertation Survey Request!

    I am a university student working on a report based on Drone (UAV) Vulnerabilities and would greatly appreciate it if you would fill out this questionnaire for me as it would be great to get the opinions of drone owners to see the awareness. Here it is, Thank you! Drone Cybersecurity Awareness...
  8. P

    eBee RTK for sale with Spectra Base station

    Hi, we are selling a used eBee RTK with optional base station as our project has been finalized. Please contact if interested. For eBee RTK: eBee RTK with high resolution RGB camera (18MP) Perpetual license of Pix4D Desktop up to version 3.2.10 (Current Retail Price = $6,500 USD) eMotion 2...
  9. E

    DJI GS Pro and altitude increasing on its own

    Hello, I've just started using a P4P for surveying/mapping landscapes, including streams and shorelines. I've had on and off issues with DJI GS Pro, where I create the route with a set altitude, say, 200 feet, and set the drone to fly. The drone will lift up and go to the 200 feet, and then it...
  10. V

    Problem with some images in Mapping Survey

    I Have Phantom pro 3 and I finish a big project. I have problem with some images. Some of images are pink. I think the problem is the white balance, but I do not know how to fix this problem. Ηas encountered a similar problem? An example is the following image Dropbox - pink_images.png
  11. O

    Surveying a pipeline

    ill be surveying a pipeline complex with a DJI phantom 4 pro +. Any pointers on camera settings, angle and overlap?
  12. P

    eBee RTK + Spectra SP60 for sale

    Hi, I'm selling an eBee RTK with: -extra batteries -Pix4D perpetual license -eMotion 2 software -Spectra SP60 station -everything required Let me know if you're interested!
  13. Nicrophone


    Any body know if DJI has released price points for the M200?
  14. D

    Droning as a media business idea

    Hey guys My buddy and I are new to the drone world. We had an idea to use drones to fly around with a flag or advertisement of some sort around populated areas. Here is a link to the survey, if you have additional comments or drone specs that we didn't address please comment below, we'd love...
  15. mattdbal

    Radio Line of Sight Surveying

    Hey everyone, *Note: I did a bit of searching before deciding to post this I use drones for microwave/radio tower inspection and sometimes line of sight surveying. As we all know, phantoms don't have a zoom on the camera which is proving line of sight surveying to be difficult. Does anyone...
  16. JaredReabow

    Flying around one of the oldest occupied towns in England, Abingdon.

    15th century farm house :)
  17. P

    What do you use your drones for? (SURVEY)

    For my school project. Thanks in advance!
  18. L

    Phantom 4 - Survey Grade Mapping

    Hi all, I am currently working in mining and seeking advice on whether or not the Phantom 4 is accurate enough for 3d mapping to achieve less then 5cm in 'XYZ' values. I am very new to drones but have been researching quite a bit over the last couple of months and just need a few things...
  19. B

    Flir in Conservation

    I am a long time photographer now running conservation projects in remote Sumatra and can see the amazing benefits a flir camera would help our initiatives to protect the last remaining elephants. Our projects centre around searching for wild elephant herds and people poaching wildlife and...
  20. WillH

    Best Phantom for Mapping and Surveying?

    Which phantom 3 is the most practical or best for aerial mapping and surveying? Since the 12mp camera is the same across all p3 models for photos would it be ok to go with the standard? I wonder if anyone is using high resolution video screenshots 4K for mapping purposes? Or are photos the...