1. Robert Moreno on Twitter

    Robert Moreno on Twitter

    “Feeling the mood. Flight at the Salton Sea. Instagram links in Bio. Music by “Love in Your Eyes” - Lee #fall #autumn #mood #sunset #dusk #dawn #landscapephotography #drone #dji #phantom4pro #desertx #palmdesert #lofi #hiphopbeats @DJIGlobal”
  2. Sunset at Springwood Park - Whitsett, NC

    Sunset at Springwood Park - Whitsett, NC

    See the beautiful colors as the sun falls below the horizon.
  3. Sunset over the West End

    Sunset over the West End

    after a windy rainy day, a sunset emerged
  4. DJI_0030.jpg


    Sunset over Torrey Pines #4
  5. DJI_0030-2.jpg


    El Capitán sunset over hills
  6. DJI_0022.jpg


    Torrey Pines unset 3
  7. DJI_0017.jpg


    Torrey Pines sunset
  8. DJI_0009.jpg


    Carlsbad Sate Beach sunset
  9. DJI_0006.jpg


    Sunset over Torrey Pines
  10. DJI_0004.jpg


    Del Mar beach
  11. Maddy

    Coeur d Alene Lake sunset in Idaho

    The smoke and haze is finally gone from our region and was able to capture the sunset that I've been waiting for!
  12. Wjm

    Greek - Santorini

    Santorini is an island in the southern Aegean Sea. It is the largest island of a small, circular archipelago, which bears the same name and is the remnant of a volcanic caldera. Santorini is essentially what remains after an enormous volcanic eruption that destroyed the earliest settlements on...
  13. J

    the best settings for dji phantom 4 pro for sunset shooting

    do you have any idea whats the best gimbal camera settings for dji phantom 4 pro on sunset shooting? I've recorded something on sunset but the picture is blurry even though I recorded it in 4K. i've tried to google it and everyone says it happened bcs of over exposed. pls help.
  14. OOO


    Hi Everyone, I spent two weeks alone in the mountains of Black Sea region of Turkey. All shots were taken with P4P (more than 80 flights) during this period. I learned a lot from your critics. Thus, please criticize me as hard as you can. Thanks, Please watch in 4K.
  15. OOO

    Pure Droine

    All shots were taken with P4P over four months period, in six different locations. Peaceful and relaxing to watch! I hope you enjoy it. Please watch in 4K and let me know your feedback. Thanks
  16. furthertofly

    Above Fisher Towers #2

    P4P+; near Moab, Utah.
  17. OOO

    From the ground to the sky!

    I’ve tried several intelligent fly mode for drone lapse. POI and Waypoint mode are my favorite flight modes for this type of work. These shots were taken from my last 25 flights in the last 3 weeks. I hope you enjoy it! 1) Phantom 4 Pro 2) Osmo Mobile 2 / iPhone 8 plus 3) Sony FDR-X3000 Edit...
  18. OOO

    Chasing the sun

    A compilation of my sunset and sunrise shots taken in the past year. I hope you enjoy it! 1) P4P and Mavic Pro 2) Recorded at 4K@25, 30, 50, and 60 FPS 3) Uploaded at 4K@24 FPS 4) ND4 and ND8 filter in some shots 5) Simple color correction 6) Final Cut Pro X
  19. Sønnavind Dronefoto

    Cold Sunset - Norway

    Hi all! Yesterday, I finally got the shots i wanted of the sun going down behind some hills from a frozen lake. The colors were beautiful and I think i managed the shooting pretty well - very satisified with the result! Please, have a look yourself and don't hesitate with feedback + or - :)...
  20. *CurtK*

    First Run! (P4P+)

    Learning every time I fly. So far, real happy with everything. Camera settings are default. Hope to play more with that, but really having fun.