1. V

    Phantom 3 jerking/shake

    After one crash I have problems with my phantom 3 standard. It do not hold altitude and whole body of phantom is jerking. Compass was calibrated and IMU too. All flight was in p-gps mode. Does anyone have solution for this problem? Video link:
  2. B

    P4P gimbal shaking problem

    Hi. Last week I was shooting some videos. When I look down about 45 degree there was happen some shaking vibrating. 4 files were trash cause of this. I couldn't use it on my short film. There was about 5knot wind speed. One of other problem is when I set a frame it did some little pan itself...
  3. N

    Shaking zenmuse gimbal (or drone) ?

    Hello everyone, I think I need the knowledge of you guys. Here's the problem: My Phantom2 is equipped with the H4-3D gimbal. It's been working great so fat until yesterday. I can't say wether the problem comes form the drone itself of the gimbal, BUT the whole thing is very shaky (which I can...
  4. S

    DJI Go 4 reporting incorrect altitude readings causing shaky landings?

    Today, I had several flights where I maintained low altitude for most of the flight's duration. I was on flat ground with no slope or change in altitude, taking off and landing from the same place. I noticed about 3 minutes into the flight, after flying around about 3-4' AGL, the altimeter on...
  5. R

    IMU will not Calibrate/ Legs Vibrating

    Hello, I have a P3S and and told me the IMU needs to be calibrated. I go to calibrate the IMU, I do a check to see if it needs to be calibrated and it tells me "the IMU doesn't need to be calibrated". I go ahead and want to calibrate it anyway and it will not calibrate. Attached is a photo to...
  6. W

    P4 Gimbal shakes/jerks

    Hello my friends, so i crashed my drone, stupid pilot error. I replaced the Yaw Arm of the Phantom 4 Gimbal and i replaced the Ribbon Flat Cable. Now, i have video again. Sometimes the Gimbal does not level horizontally and the camera is tilting all the time. But when i "force" it to its...
  7. B

    Phantom 3 slight shake when hovering

    Alright so I searched and couldn't find anything on this so here goes! I recently purchased a phantom 3 and it has been running perfect the other day I noticed when it's just hovering in one spot the drone has a small but noticeable shake if you stand and watch it. The shake doesn't seem to show...
  8. D

    DJI Phantom 3 4K PROBLEM! SHAKING!

    So i crashed my Phantom today, and after the crash the gimbal i shaking, what should i do and how do i fix it?
  9. A

    Shakey Footage

    I have a P3 Standard that is having shaky footage issues. Before you say to remove the foam piece at the back, I already have. Here is a sample video of what is going on with my camera. (start video at 1:20) I'm not really sure what to do about this. I've tried seeing if it was the shutter...
  10. D

    Video shake

    Hello. Just purchased the Phantom 3 Advanced with 4K camera. I keep getting this shaking in the video (see attached). Any idea of what causes this and how to correct? Thanks, Dan
  11. D

    Camera Shakes violently

    i have a v2+. I have installed a new ribbon cable and now the camera shakes at power on and never stabilizes. i have adjusted the rear shaft and tried the side shaft in both positions available. other ideas?
  12. J

    Gimbal Going Crazy After Light Crash - I'll Buy You Coffee

    Hey all thanks for reading this. I recently just got a Phantom 3 Standard, and unfortunately crashed it when the return to home feature did not work as expected. Essentially the phantom was descending and hit a tree at approx 7 meters and fell. No significant damage. Rotors and aircraft itself...
  13. pete76uk

    Gimbal wobble after crash

    Hi everyone I'm really hoping someone can help me I had a low altitude crash from about 10ft and now there is a noticeable wobble on video. If you turn volume loud you can hear the vibration and see it on the top plate (one with the light on) It also does it with no props on...
  14. D

    Gimbal vibrations

    Hi! I'm getting some wobble on my Phantom 3. It's only a day old and has new props on it, has had no collisions and has been flown in very nice weather conditions. Basically just wondering if there is anything I can do to rectify this issue without having to send it in for repair? Video...
  15. dhsprogis

    Balancing propellers with a motorized jig

    Hi Folks, I've been trying to improve the balance of my props. When I first launch my P3, I look for a nice steady hover. When the drone wobbles, I know one or more props is not fully seated or it's out of balance. You would be surprised by how many props come unbalance off-the-shelf - but I...
  16. HP Entertainment

    Phantom 3 Pro- Gimbal not Steady

    So my Phantom 3 Pro Gimbal does not seem to be activating. Its not staying steady and instead seems to shake with the Phantom 3 as it flys. The gimbal can also be easily be manipulated by touch. Any ideas what is going on? I've flown countless times and now the gimbal won't work the way it used...
  17. M

    Slight shake/vibration

    Hi, I have a slight vibration on all my videos taken with the Phantom, can't work out what is casuing the issue. My setup on the drone: Phantom 2 H3-3D Gimbal (standard white dampers) Go Pro 4 Black (recording at 4K) Flysight FPV Transmiter Cloverleaf FPV TX antenna iOSD Mini Connection board...