1. P

    Refurbish Gimbal Boards

    Does anyone here refurbish the gimbal top board or know anywhere that does? Pretty sure my Amberella chip is shot and don’t wanna but a whole new unit.
  2. N

    New P3S vs refurbished

    Is buying 1 or 2 years old P3S worth it? If yes then from where?
  3. Sammyshack10

    Dji refurbished

    What are people’s experiences buying refurbished drones from DJI (Specifially phantom 4 pro)? Any people have issues? I work in video production and have my part 107 and am slightly concerned about utilizing a used drone for my business. Thanks!
  4. N

    Dji Phantom 3 pro activation help.

    I need some help. I got my Phantom 3 Pro in the mail today from Dji after they repaired the drone. I opened it, got it ready for takeoff. I activate it, I can't get past the entering a new username part. It says a error to check the connection. I tried a few times. I tried with a Samsung Tablet...
  5. E

    Newegg Refurb - $314.00 US

    I just purchased a Phantom 3 2.7 at NEWEGG for $314 plus tax. DJI Phantom 3 Standard Quadcopter Aircraft with 3-Axis Gimbal and 2.7k I live close to their warehouse, so I will be picking one up today, but this is a good of price I have found. I have been scouring the ADS...
  6. N

    DJI Phantom 4 Refurbished-

    Just received my newly purchased Phantom 4 from Amazon, a DJI refurbished unit. After activating it last night using the DJI Go 4 app, I took it for a spin this morning. It flies really nice and I love its altitude hold, especially when it's a little windy out, something the Phantom 3 S didn't...
  7. S

    Obstacle avoidance

    I bought my P4 refurbished and the front sensors work but I dont think the bottom works. If i use the controller to land, it will not stop or avoid objects below. Does the bottom sensors only work for RTH or a bad refurbished?
  8. N

    Newegg Shell Shocker deal - P4 Refurb $729 today only

    1-day only - limited stock. Shell Shocker Deal. Exclusive Jaw Dropping Savings on PC Components and Electronics -
  9. E

    For Sale: Phantom 4 Professional (Factory Refurbished)

    SOLD Here is your chance to get a practically new Phantom 4 Professional for less than list price. This unit was factory refurbished by DJI and is ready to fly. It comes with everything in the original box in brand new condition (still wrapped, never flown). Asking $1350 + $25 shipping...
  10. A

    Refurbished Phantom 3 Standard

    I am a long time user of the DJI Phantom 2 Vision+ and I thought today that it was time for an upgrade. I had 365 spare dollars in my paypal so I jumped on the market to see what I could find. I was shocked to see that a refurb Phantom 3 Standard was going for 349. I was wondering how reliable...
  11. J


    Is there any difference between the phantom 4 new and the refurbished? The new comes with the case, but is it the same with the refurbished? Thanks for any answers, I'm not dropping 1.2k for a new drone when I can get the same thing for $900.
  12. Bugsbunnyheli

    My DJI Refurbished Phantom 3 Professional came early today.

    I am happy so far. I bought a refurbished phantom 3 pro from Newegg for 599 no shipping and no tax. Best of all shipped directly from Dji. I checked after I ordered and it was 699.00 refirbushed from them. I placed the order last Sunday and it got to Texas Wednesday. Held at FedEx for...
  13. jcoop

    Refurbished vs new

    So I'm planning on buying the p3s, and I was wondering whether or not it would be a good idea to buy a refurbished one from the OFFICIAL DJI website. Is that a good idea or not?