1. M


    I know there's a lot of conversation about props, but I waded through what I could find and didn't get much. After about 7 years of flying two different models (P1 and P3), I had my first real crash today. Hit a thin bare branch that I couldn't see, flipped the 'copter, and it hit the ground...
  2. thegeekunderground

    [SOLD] Qty 4 Phantom 3 batteries 4480 mAh, 100w charger, DJI backpack, 6 new props, guards, GetterBack

    For sale I am offering this bundle of extra Phantom 3 accessories left over from before I upgraded to a M2P. Included are: Qty 4 OEM Phantom 3 standard/advanced/pro batteries. Charge counts of 15, 23, 42, and 55 cycles. Always stored at 50-75% charge (3rd light blinking) Qty 1 OEM 100w...
  3. L

    Low Noise Props for Phantom 4 Pro & Pro Plus v2: $30

    I have 4 unopened boxes of low noise props for Phantom 4 Pro & Pro Plus v2. Never used or opened. I'll also include heightened landing gear stabilizers extra charge. Will pay for shipping and PP fees. Shipping to the lower 48 states only, or local pick up in Carlsbad (San Diego).
  4. CKaerial

    Are these genuine DJI props?

    Hi Guys I found these on Amazon and was wondering if anyone had tried them. It doesn't make it clear whether they are genuine or copies. Sorry but the amazon link is in French....I live near Cannes...
  5. T

    New Props Old Drone

    Has anyone actually tried the new p4p v2 props on an original p4p yet?! Is it any quieter and worth the money?
  6. iflyskyhigh

    *Sold* DJI Phantom 3 Pro w/ 4 Intelligent Flight Batteries iPad mini 2 64GB *SOLD*

    $850 ($1000 w/ iPad mini see below) DJI Phantom 3 Pro 4 DJI OEM Intelligent Flight batteries 2 Sets DJI OEM props DJI OEM iPhone sunshade DJI OEM iPad mini sunshade Polar Pro Landing Gear Polar Pro Gimbal Guard Polar Pro Lens Cover Polar Pro 6 ND Filter Set ND Filter Set carrying case Remote...
  7. PhantomHero

    LED props and Folding props for the P3!

    Just wondered if anyone has purchased these and if they work well. LED props for the P3. Just wondering how well they would be balanced with a LED strip on one blade. And if material was removed to fit the LED strip, would they keep the structural integrity? As far as the folding props...I...
  8. S

    Flight time...

    Hi all First of all great to join the forum :) So I've recently got myself a P3S and i'm looking at ways to extend the flight time. I was thinking about getting a Mavic Pro in the future (yes already thinking of upgrading!) but the battery life doesn't seem to be that much better from watching...
  9. R

    I need to buy new props

    I would like input on prop differences and your experiences and preferences. There are too many choices out there. What I find so far: Carbon fiber - at least some seem to break apart and cause crashes. Plastic - Some ads say "PC" , is it really nylon? Nylon - is it really nylon? Is it better...
  10. Billmh12

    2-P3 Standards, 5 batteries, 1 case & more.

    I am selling business in a box or fun too. (Whichever you are going after). The one P3 Stnd has a camera which is not working. The other works perfectly. The first one is my practice drone and helps me to train others. The other one is covered in a faux carbon fiber, with 5 working batteries...
  11. M

    Props change & general maintenance p3s

    Hi All, have just purchased a p3s and love it. Have been getting aquatinted over a few flights now, but experienced a flip close to landing 0.5m off the ground and snapped one prop, what would your recommendation be re the other 3, should they always be changed in sets? Also, is there any...
  12. B

    P3Pro prop noise

    Anyone tried silicone etc to quieten?
  13. impurenergy

    Carbon Fibre Props VS Plastic

    I have recently been testing the variables between Carbon Fiber props and Plastic props. I have come to the conclusion that the Carbon Fiber props are better for experienced users. I am just looking for other peoples opinions and possibly some recommendations for good CF props. I am using this...
  14. R

    P3P : Can i use 2 CF props and 2 plastic dji props simultaneously

    broke 2 of my Cf props, and 2 of my dji plastic props are bent. Can i use 2 CF props and 2 plastics props at the same time or will it destabilize my p3p in flight? thx
  15. N

    Are quieter props available for P4?

    Are there any P4 props designed primarily for lower noise operation? It's possible to make props with 3, 4, or 5 blades, like many full-size helicopters. With extra blades, more thrust/lift can be produced at the same RPM, or the blade length can be shortened, reducing the prop tip speed and...
  16. M

    Phantom 3 Standard Accessories, props, charger, etc.

    DJI phantom 3 Standard Accessories. Props, Charger, etc. I'm selling some left over phantom accessories on ebay right now. 2 days left on the auction. The lot includes: Props - set of 4, unused Charger - Used, but like new Gimbal lock - Used, but like new Lens cap - Used, but like new Stickers...
  17. tml4191

    Simple Dyed Prop Test vs Stock P4P

    I was under the notion that dyed props affect performance. A mod on this site reported that it didn't, so I went ahead and did a test, and the mod was correct. If you're reading this, then thanks for the correction. There's little to no difference in hover. If anyone is interested, then you can...
  18. D

    prop depths

    After breaking 2 of my props on my p2 i ordered some cheaper spares from the wonderweb . However i have noticed they dont screw down as far as the dji originals ( i.e further off from motor by approx 6-8 mm ) Will this cause a flight issue if say i have one on and other three are slightly...
  19. tml4191

    Can we dye p4p props like p3?

    The finish seems to be different on the p3 props, but will this technique still apply to the p4(p) props?
  20. PlanetPapi

    Drone to cook dinner? Got to share this!