1. L

    Looking for pilot in calgary

    Hello all I am located in Calgary and volunteering with a local non profit to develop a water conservation system, I am looking to build a highly accurate contour map and have access to ground survey. My inquiring being If any local pilots would be interested in assisting with the development of...
  2. jboyd23

    Retiring Pilot's last flight

    Just wanted to share a video I helped put together for a friend honoring a retiring pilot after a 44 year career.
  3. A

    Need help with an editing "Transition"

    Hi im new here and also an amateur dji phantom 3 pilot but im trying to get into it a little more. I am wanting to know if this type of edit would be possible or is it really difficult. I am trying to transition smoothly into a go pro's footage from a dji. I know it sounds crazy but this video...
  4. David Cooke

    Heretical Thoughts

    I'm a pilot AND a UAV operator so I'm expecting flack from BOTH SIDES! Twenty yrs ago, when Steve Jobs formulated the moniker “Think Different” the normal “ly” ending was dropped . . .to make a point. . . I assume. From Robin Williams portrayal in Dead Poet’s Society “We must constantly look...
  5. A


  6. B

    Prisontime for Drone Flyers.

    It was Johnny Cash who once sang Folsom Prison Blues although it can be said he never thought of drone pilots in mind when writing this tune. More recently, with Canada and more lately China, drone pilots can have strict fines or penalties. Such is the case of Tony Lin, a college student in...
  7. ricphoto

    Seattle Drone Pilot gets 30 days in jail + fine

    Drone Pilot sentenced to 30 days, $500.00 fine and restitution for Pride Day Parade crash that injures woman... Pilot of drone that struck woman at Pride Parade gets 30 days in jail
  8. Sunnaroe

    Should i be proud or how do i grade myself ?

    Should i be proud of these numbers and also-is this controller mod Ive done helping or hurting me??..Im still a brand new pilot but in my untrained opinion-for flight over the terrain full of wires and radio towers and buildings with microwave ovens blasting,Its working pretty well..But I'm a...
  9. We Talk UAV

    Drone Insurance for the uninitiated flyer.

    So Santa has listened to you and you find out that you are getting a drone for the holidays as a gift. You are excited and perhaps have some great projects in mind. Your cousin Elma is getting married. You think it will be a great idea to awe the wedding audience and bring out your drone for...
  10. SoCalDude

    Why your Pilot's Certificate is not a "License"

    Ever wonder why your pilot’s “license” is really a pilot’s “certificate?” Or did you even know (or care)? One of the most common sayings in aviation is that your pilot certificate is a license to learn, and your non-flying friends and family members will always think of that precious bit of...
  11. We Talk UAV

    What's Behind Uber Flying Cars?-Future of Transportation.

    We saw it coming years ago, but very few have had the resources or the initiative to step up with this kind of project. From a logical perspective, personal aerial transportation was the natural evolution of general aviation and short-haul flights. Nevertheless, aircraft design has barely...
  12. A

    Need your advice please, short clip

    HI guys I'm a new addition to your DJI family. Just did my third clip of our trip to Niagara Falls. Feel free to comment and provide feedback as I'm fairly new drone pilot and still learning. Highly appreciated all your guru advices. Please watch this video with music on as it suits my concept...
  13. SoCalDude

    Phantom 4 Pilot Age

    Just curious, but how old are we? Please cast your vote in the above poll. FYI... Unfortunately, those using the smartphone app may not be able see/vote in the poll. In that case, use your smartphone's browser.
  14. Skyer

    Greetings from Pennsylvania!

    Hi there fellow Phantom pilots! I've been flying basic drones for over a year, and a few months ago I upgraded to a P3A, which I am really enjoying. Very impressive performance, and so much possibilities to produce amazing professional level footage. This is one of the best SUAS forums I've...
  15. A

    NYC looking for a pilot for some Arial photography central park!

    Hi There, TYPO in the title! NYC looking for a pilot for some aerial photography central park! New to the phantom community so if some of the below may seem a bit naive i apologize in advance! From what i have read it is possible to fly a drone in NY as long as it is from a park, please...
  16. artheserenity

    Improving you Pilot Skills

    What does everyone do to improve their flying skills? I really enjoy flying to get that Cinematic look when videoing my subject and was interested in what others do to improve their skills as a pilot. I’d also be interested if you have a “go to” flight plan as such, or just “wing it” on the...
  17. L

    "disconnect"=headache. Help?

    Hello my fellow Phantom pilots!! I am probably not the only pilot suffering this "disconnect" nightmare at this current moment. I have the Phantom 4 and when I received it I followed the usual procedure of activating, calibrating and all the good stuff. I had a successful flight and flew 6 times...
  18. Filip Ionita

    WANTED: Drone Pilots - British Drone Racing League

    WANTED Course Designers & Pilots of all abilities. An airy “Hello” to everybody on this forum. Togethia Media Services is the Production Company running the new British Drone Racing League. We want to run an event this March and film it for a TV pilot to kickstart the series. We have two...
  19. DroneCaddyApp

    Drone Owners and DroneCaddyApp - Looking for Pilots

    New app for golfers help drone owners make some side cash So you own a drone like many of us here on the forum. How do you turn all those practice hours into some recurring revenue? Depending on what you fly there might be the opportunity to make some cash. DroneCaddyApp is a start up that...
  20. egoldy

    Autoflight Logic: Detailed Overview Demos & How Tos.

    For those that are looking for walk through videos and demos of how to use the Autoflight Logic Autopilot software, please check out this playlist: Autopilot Tutorials - YouTube In addition to an overview video, there are walk through videos of the UI, how to use Focus and most recently the...