1. K

    Phantom 4 Camera Issues

    Any one ever get camera issues like this on phantom 4? I need to know what part of the camera is broken ... so maybe i can find the part and fix it my self ... I ask for help in P4 service center ... and they said all of the gimbal need to be replaced ... it cost about 450 - 500 usd ... Sorry...
  2. E

    Hiring a P4 Pro - Their App or Yours?

    Hi all, Have been using my Mavic for around 9 months, and have a job where production company are hiring P4 Pro. Simple question: Do I use hire company App Details - or Mine? Many thanks, Luke
  3. C

    Phantom 4 not connected to Remote Control

    <UPDATE: Solved; see below> I have successfully used the Phantom 4 before today. Did firmware update to aircraft and now can't get remote control to connect with aircraft. Would appreciate any ideas, details follow: 1. Phantom 4 AC updated to firmware V02.00.0106 dated 2017-07-06 2. DJI...
  4. D

    Selling a p4 and a p3p

    I just got the p4 back from DJI repair and have flown it once to test. They sent me a refurb back. I have a few extra props and only 1 battery (keeping my extra to use in a p4p once i buy). The p3p has had a mainboard replacement done. (cosmetic dings from being opened but has flown for dozen...
  5. W

    Saint Beatus Switzerland

    Hello, You will find below a new video that I have just released: Let me know what you think about it. Best
  6. KumarG

    1st attempt at Tiny Planet Photography (P4)

    This is my first attempt and it’s definitely not perfect. There’s some distortion on top of the trees etc. But it was fun to do. I had a hard time finding a good tutorial on how to do this so I used info from different sites, forums and youtube. There’s a lot of old stuff out there and apps...
  7. L

  8. M

    How flight controls work

    I know some of you are familiar with the anatomy of drone flight, but I put this video together to share the physics involved in making the Phantom (or other) drone respond to the controller inputs. I hope it's informative.
  9. Fisherch

    Hey I'm Christopher

    hey, I am new here, Finally joined a forum which isn't a DJI owned one. I am based in the UK Newcastle , any fellow pilots be sure to PM me , would be good to meet up for a look see one day. I fly the Phantom 4 , started off on a P3S, P3A . Also had recently had a GoPro drone, for two days...
  10. V


    Was flying my son's mini drone when it ran out of battery and landed on a roof 30 feet high. Rain was coming in and had to think fast. What was I going to do? Took some flower metal ties and banded them to form a hook. Took more metal ties and wrapped around back leg post of DJI phantom. Hooked...
  11. P


    Hey all, I'll try to explain this situtaion briefly but I fear there's no quick way! I bought a DJI Phantom 4 from an independent camera store in Penang Malaysia in Novemeber of last year. I'm a professional travel photographer from the UK but I am travelling full time so don't have any...
  12. M

    YouTube Feedback

    Hey everybody! I've been using my phantom 4 to make some youtube videos and would like some feedback on them. Linked is my most recent one Thank you and enjoy!
  13. Goldie

    Moscow from above

    New video of Moscow taken with Phantom 4, Mavic PRO and OSMO Mobile...
  14. Zen Ho

    Kyoyo, Japan

    Beautiful and relaxing landscape of Japanese style village
  15. K

    Syncing with a new controller

    Hi guys, I'm selling my controller and batteries as I crashed and lost my drone. Need to know. Can you sync a controller with another drone? Someone asked me this and I'm not sure. Are they only synced with the drone it ships with? Many thanks
  16. Capitan Bastos

    Phantom 4 Oslo, Norway May1 (vlog)

    It was my daughter's 12th birthday this weekend and I told my subscribers they could wish her a happy birthday if they wanted, the response was incredible to me and ended up like this: The thank you vlog with the droneshots:
  17. Goldie

    Visit Zagreb, Croatia

    New video, made with Osmo and Phantom 4...
  18. Goldie

    Medvedgrad medieval city near Zagreb

    New one taken with Phantom 4
  19. M

    Antigua, Caribbean drone rules?

    Hi All, I am travelling to Antigua and wondering what rules apply there in terms of customs etc? and if local authorities get involved with drone use. I plan to adhere to the general drone code, and this is for personal use not commercial. I have emailed about 8 different figures and public...