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    Torrey Pines sunset
  2. DJI_0009.jpg


    Carlsbad Sate Beach sunset
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    Boys in pool
  4. DJI_0006.jpg


    Sunset over Torrey Pines
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    Del Mar beach
  6. Wjm

    France - Les Prairies de la mer

    The Prairies de la mer are located in the French Riviera. Enjoy and let me know what you thing about the video.
  7. C

    Phantom 4 Pro cinematic showreel

    Hey everyone, just finished a cinematic showreel from my past year of owning and filming with the P4P, hope you enjoy!
  8. C

    England - The South coast by drone - Cinematic video

    Hey guys, spent the past couple months working on this cinematic video of a beautiful part of England, hope you enjoy! Filmed on the phantom 4 pro
  9. U

    Can I take my p4 on a Qatar airways flight

    Can I take my p4 on a Qatar airways flight to Pakistan? And how would I go about taking it.
  10. M

    Linking Phantom 4 to used phantom 4 pro remote

    Hi, I am trying to link my phantom 4 to a used phantom 4 pro remote that someone gave me. I have tried the standard link remote and press the button on the drone procedure but no luck. i have also tried the C1 C2 reecord button option which also didn't work any suggestions? does the remote...
  11. Wjm

    Switzerland - Derborence Lake

    Two immense landslides occurred in 1714 and 1749 at the Diablerets. At the time these mountains were called Rochers and Scex de Champ, and the landslides were considered to be works of the devil. The mountains were consequently renamed Diablerets, Devils Mountains. The 100-metre-high mounds of...
  12. S

    Controller Not Charging

    So I'm having some trouble with a Phantom 4 I recently purchased used off of LetGo (an app like Craigslist), and we're having some trouble with the charging of the controller. Ill plug it in, and it will be one blinking white light when I have it charging and then it will go to solid red. After...
  13. Wjm

    Schwarzsee - Switzerland

    According to legend, the water of the Schwarzsee became as dark as it is because a giant bathed its feet in it one day.
  14. Wjm

    Switzerland - Mayens de Chamosons & Ovronnaz

    I'm happy to share my latest video. Please let me know what you think about it.
  15. Wjm

    Switzerland - Lavaux

    Lavaux - unesco world heritage site
  16. SebGodsmark

    New Zealand - P4

    Hi Guys, I had a holiday in New Zealand in between filming on the Volvo Ocean Race. I made a little edit of our trip! Filmed using a Phantom 4, GH4, and NIkon d610 for the timelapses, Enjoy!
  17. C

    SD / Image transmission issue after FW upgrade

    Hi Pilots and fellow enthusiasts, Gear : Phantom 4 (v02.00.0700) Phantom RC (v 1.9.3) iPad Air (iOS 11.3 15e126) Memory : Sandisk extreme plus 32gb (worked fine prior to FW update) Short version : Latest FW upgrade has caused SD issue/no image transmission. Long version : In order to use...
  18. Wjm

    Swiss Alps - Ovronnaz

    Just wanted to share my latest video. Please let me know what you think about it.
  19. B

    A super quick Way to get your Pano on Facebook in minutes

    The new pano feature is really quick and simple to use, and can be manipulated and animated just a quickly. This was working on my iPhone but Still not on the DJI go 4 app for the crystalsky yet.
  20. Wjm

    Edinburgh - Scotland

    Please let me know what you think about my last video. I did it with a dji osmo, phantom4 and some shooting with a gopro: