phantom 2 vision

  1. Y

    Is it possible to bind Phantom 3 advanced remote to Phantom 2 or vision(+)

    Is it possible to bind an new Phantom 3 advanced remote to phantom 2 or 2 vision (+)?
  2. ChrisP52

    iPhone DJI app connects to control but not to camera

    I know this is lame, but here goes... I purchased the Rotorpixel gimbal for my P2V several years ago, installed it, and then, because of all the FAA hubbub, I never tried it out. I am trying to use the drone now and find that, while I can connect and control flight through the DJI app on my...
  3. R

    Which Phantom Do I have?

    Hi Guys A While ago I bought a second hand Phantom 2 which I got to learn how to fly drones to start doing some aerial photography as part of my job. Anyway about 4 months later I'm confident enough to put a gopro on there and get flying but I've been doing some research into the different...
  4. ACoD

    Connection fails after binding to camera.

    I bought a Phantom 2 Vision used just a few weeks ago and I've been struggling with shotty connections from the camera to get it to show FPV on the vision app... Today I was going to attempt to fly it, and went outside just to find that the wifi name wasn't showing up... I rebooted everything...
  5. P

    P2V GPS Cable Connector Question - Two Quick Ones

    There are two cables that run from the GPS in the drone cover to the body. I'm addressing the 5-wire gray cable that runs from the GPS board thru the body and down one leg to the compass. Here's the two "Quick Ones:" 1. What kind, make, whatever are the connectors on the ends called? 2...
  6. Questor

    FS: Phantom 2 Vision + Rotopixel 2 way gimble + parts, car charger and Hard Case $300 (LA area)

    Hello all. I am selling a Phantom 2 Vision that is in excellent shape. Probably less than 25 flights on it. Additionally it has a Rotorpixel 2D gimble installed which works perfectly. Two batteries, about six additional props, 12V car charger, and a waterproof plastic hard case with custom...
  7. Questor

    FOR SALE: Phantom 2 Vision + Rotorpixel 2D gimble + 2 extra batteries + Parts and case. $300

    Hello all. I am selling a Phantom 2 Vision that is in excellent shape. Probably less than 25 flights on it. Additionally it has a Rotorpixel 2D gimble installed which works perfectly. Two batteries, about six additional props, 12V car charger, and a waterproof plastic hard case with custom...
  8. C

    I need some help repairing a damaged Gimbal Arm

    Hello all! I just created an account on this forum for this issue, but I hope to continue to use this site as it seems to be full of helpful people. I have a Phantom 2 Vision+ 3.0, I've owned it since about the end of May, and have never crashed it. Today, I lost my "Good Pilot Prize" by...
  9. P

    Phantom 2 Vision with Rotorpixel Gimbal, 4 Batteries, much more... RTF

    I have a DJI Phantom 2 Vision drone for sale. I purchased this in May 2014 and have had great luck with it since then. I always flew it safely and had no crashes. It has taken many nice photos and videos for me since I've owned it, but I am now moving on to a more advanced version. I will test...
  10. Erik1005

    Radio up grade help

    can any one tell me if the radio used for phantom 3 can be used on the phantom 2 vision 2 plus ?
  11. F

    TUTORIAL: Adding Pitch Control

    Hey all, just thought it should post this tutorial here for others who want to make similar modifications. It shows how to modify the handset to allow for camera angle control on the pitch axis for DJI Phantom 2 Vision and Zenmuse H3-3D brushless gimbal. DJI HANDSET HACK - Fletcher Bach Enjoy!
  12. D

    P2V: seeking the part/screw that covers the gear pin of camera?

    My P2V camera is dislodged because one of its two 'axels' is not secured. The gimbal gear is exposed and loose in the holder because of a crash where the little nylon little nylon? bushing that presses into to secure the gimbal gear, and its screw, were lost. What are these parts called? Where...
  13. DevinC

    Phantom VIsion 2 + wont turn on ( troublshoot help / guied )

    Hello so to any one that has had the problem with there phantom where you put a batter in it click the power once push it again to hold it you get a quick flash and a beep and its a dead .... I HAVE SOMTHING THAT "MAY" HELP YOU ok first off this might not work for every one or every...
  14. E

    Phantom 2 Vision SimpleBGC 3DPower Gimbal

    I have been looking for hours for an answer to my problem, including searching this forum. My gimbal was working fine, then it started to drift. I made some changes using the 2.2 SimpleBGC software. Now the gimbal has lost all orientation and it gyrates in all axes uncontrollably. I tried...
  15. mattyd58

    Repair Needed on Modified Phantom 2 Vision

    Hello, I had a hard landing with my modded Phantom 2 Vision. I have checked everything out and all components seem to be okay. I need the shell replaced. This will require some additional work due to the pentalobe antenna on the UAV (see attached photo). In addition I would like to ensure that...
  16. C

    Summitlink Sun Shade for iPad Mini

    I just bought a Summitlink sunshade from Amazon. It uses hard plastic couplers, and they are hard to use. You have to really tighten them down to hold the iPad in place. Then they are hard to loosen. I had one ring split on me when the transmitter was just laying on it's side on the case. I'm...
  17. TrumperyDusk

    Epson Moverio BT-200 for Sale!!!

    I purchased this for use in my P2V "Phantom II Vision Drone/UAV. It allows you to experience flight through it's FPV function. Unlike other FPV Goggles on the market such as "Fat-Shark", this unit allows you to see as a Fighter Pilot would use in a HUD "Heads Up Display" Keeps bird in LOS. Also...
  18. C

    JPEG's Look Square

    I have a Phantom 2 v2. It seems when I take a photograph, they look almost square. I pulled one randomly, and it's 4384x3288. Is this normal? Is there a setting that you can change that? Thanks in advance, Jack
  19. Steve Shead

    PSV with extra battery and hard case for sale

    I have a two month old, rarely flown Phantom 2 Vision with an extra battery and an aluminum hard case for sale. I have a P3A now so don't have a use for it. I'm in San Jose, CA - buyer pays shipping. Looking for $500.