1. S

    Crazy dance and no image

    I made a hard landing a few weeks ago. The camera then tilted like 5 degrees to the right but worked pretty good. Then like 1.5 half week later, the gimbal want crazy for 10 seconds and then disconnected. But after a few seconds i got connected again and it all worked good. So i flew a few...
  2. P

    Need help diagnosing video issue on Phantom 3 Standard

    Hello all, I got a used Phantom 3 standard about 2 months ago and I have been really liking it so far. I also got my Part 107 license recently too and am ready to start flying professional. I am at the stage of learning the ins and outs of cinematography so that I can make good quality videos...
  3. Donatas


    dji donce
  4. Jerry Shadrick

    2 DJI Phantom 3 Standards for sale. 300.00

    I have 2 DJI Phantom 3 Standards for sale. One with no camera and the other has a gimbal and camera but needs new ribbon. Both have remotes and one remote has the antennas with extended range installed. Selling as pair for 300.00 with backpack and two batters extra props, and snap on landing...
  5. thatsanicepicture

    Is the Phantom dead?

    I have a P4P+ and love it. But maybe the "Phantom" form factor is done, cooked, old fashion and otherwise yesterday's news. It's body style function was to "Fit it all in" ... Has technology made that requirement as out of place as film cameras. Yes I know people still use film cameras. We...
  6. Billmh12

    2-P3 Standards, 5 batteries, 1 case & more.

    I am selling business in a box or fun too. (Whichever you are going after). The one P3 Stnd has a camera which is not working. The other works perfectly. The first one is my practice drone and helps me to train others. The other one is covered in a faux carbon fiber, with 5 working batteries...
  7. D

    help i cant see over thete

    Ok so i was flying my p3 minding my own business when the ground jumped up and hit me so it broke some things which r all better now except my camera dont move i got feed but it just beeps HELP
  8. R

    WTB P3P controller for parts

    Hi guys and girls, My P3P controller was damaged on a recent trip so I'm searching for a used controller for parts. I'm looking for a receiver with the following: Housing in mint/great condition. No cracks or breaks. Antennas in perfect condition. Must be either the GL300A, B or C versions...
  9. D

    ***SOLD***DJI Phantom 3 Advanced /w Extras For Sale

    DJI Phantom 3 Advanced for sale with many extras. This is complete with: Original Box Remote Control Radio Short lighting cable and usb cable 2 batteries that are perfect A sun shade hood for ipad mini 2 Extra set of props(new) 1 60 watt battery charger 1 100 watt battery charger Hard Case 16...
  10. Valhalla_Bound

    Camera swings left periodically

    Hey people. I've been taking note of an anomaly that happens periodically. When reviewing my footage I've noticed the gimbal will suddenly and wildly swing to the left to the point that you see the landing strut then corrects itself. this will only happen a couple of times during flight and...
  11. F

    Litchi Failed system is too busy

    I flew my mission three times in a row. The P3S ended the mission by hovering. All good. It was completely finished, tried again & received the following. Failed to upload the mission (reason: The system is too busy to execute the action). Tried cycling through the switch positions on the...
  12. G

    Flying off Birdlip Hill, Glos.

    Loving getting out and flying in different locations. This is the latest...need to get some ND filters, any recommendations?
  13. D

    New Project using Phantom 3

    Hi, I am new to drones and here is what I want to do: I want to do a POC for a retail company - that a package to be connected as payload to the drone by a store employee & he/she should be able to feed in the destination address in the drone. The drone delivers the payload in the destination...
  14. Y

    which dji drone to Buy?

    Which one do you think is the best buy?
  15. H

    Crash drone in ocean HELP

    So my cousin crash his phantom 3 pro in the ocean. He dove in and took it out and put it in a closet for 1 year. I found the drone and tryed to see if it would work. I put in a new battery and all the lights turned on and the camera moved (like normal) but it wouldn't connect to my controller...
  16. D

    Photo resolution

    Hi..just bought my first drone, Its a Phantom 3 STD.. Can any one tell me why the dimension in the photo properties show 960x540 with a dpi of 96, and when I put it into PS it shows its 3992x2242 with a dpi of 240. I shot the image in raw mode..just cant figure out why that is, because my DSLR...
  17. P

    Phantom 3pro camera problem

    Whats up im having a problem with my 3pro watch this ! As you can see in the footage, there is some wiggle/shake. The ribbon cable has been changed because of a crash. Does anyone have same kind of a problem. Help would be great.