1. Lindsaybev

    A couple Pano Questions, please....

    Good day, all! I have never done a Pano, and am looking for something where I can make a Pano that includes hotspots in each photo so that I can take people on a tour. My goal would be to download and upload this as I wished. Would someone please give me names of fairly economical ways that...
  2. J

    Is it possible to do tiny planet photos with DJI Phantom 3?

    I won a DJI Phantom 3 a few months ago and am just getting around to playing with it and am wondering if it is possible to take those tiny planet photos on it, or at least panoramic photos with it that I can edit as a tiny planet. Thanks in advance!
  3. C

    Litchi crashes when taking panoramas

    Hello to all. Im new here and allso Im a newb with my phantom 4 and I need your help. Today I was testing my p4 with litchi in my iPad Air to see if it reached the highest altitude possible and for my surprise, it did! it reached 500 mt (1640 ft) and with the 100% signal! (no wind, sunny and...
  4. DroneOnNDP

    Shooting Panoramic Photos with P4P, Advice?

    Hi all, searched far and wide in the forum and internets and not finding any really good info or tutorials on photographing panoramic images with P4P, specifically without the use of apps outside DJI GO 4 as I'm on a P4P+ with no access to 3rd party apps just yet (please hold the that's why I...
  5. S

    Colliery and a Canal

    Ive not been flying very long around 3-4 hours flight time but I have put together a little video of a old shut down Colliery near where I live, I originally took off from some way out and to fly it into the ground, after around 5 minutes of flying the security guy who looks after the place come...
  6. Vadar

    Controlled 360 Degree Panoramic Turn (Video)

    Is there anyway to programmaticlly make the PS3 do a controlled 360 turn while hovering in place. I know I can adjust the EXP settings to control the rate of turn but I'd really like to do something like what POI does, the difference being the PS3 would just hover in place and spin 360 degrees...
  7. K

    Litchi Panoramic to something like street view?

    Hello, I just tried my first test for the panoramic mode in Litchi. It worked great. It took 8 photos and then a brought them into Photoshop and stitched them together. Does anyone know if it's possible to view these images in a system like google street view? Where you can move around? I'm...
  8. Mako79

    First attempt at 360 spherical images

    First attempt. Google Maps Ingredients: 1 x P3A 1 x Litchi in Pano 1 x Autopano Giga 1 x Google Streets. And heaps of patience :)
  9. pdw

    DronePan Beta Testing - Sign Up Here

    Hey if you're interested in using DronePan, drop your email here and I'll send you an invite to download the beta (will come from apple): DronePan : Sign Up to Stay in Touch